Planning an Event? Hire a Catering Service!

Planning an Event? Hire a Catering Service!


We at Eat’s a Small World write everything about food and where is it found – restaurants, food parks, hotels, even food carts!  So don’t wonder why we came up with this review for a catering company. Planning an event but don’t know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed at the amount of work that needs to be done, from the venue to the invites to the food needed? Lighten up your load by hiring a catering service for your party! Here are 5 reasons why it’s better to hire a catering service for your celebrations:


1.  Outsmart Traffic

Getting a catering service for your event means less hassle — the food will be coming to you, instead of the other way around. You don’t have to scout for the best prices for the kilo of this and that food. You also have  to think about your drinks right? Where to get the lowest price for wines and liquor. If you are holding your event in a restaurant or hotel, they oftentimes will have to charge you with “corkage fee”.  Next you will need a bartender to concoct cocktail drinks. That is so stressful. Catering companies have reliable suppliers who delivers quality food at low prices.  They also have the experts like barristas and bar tenders who know how to make cocktail drinks. Let the catering company do that “dirty job”. Let them impress your guests.


2.  Privacy and Relaxation

Since the food is coming straight to your reserved venue, you can entertain and have more time for your guests in a more relaxed manner because everything is handled by the catering company — after all, it’s your party!


3.  Specialized Menu

One of the best things that catering companies offer,  is giving you a menu or package with various choices of food. In restaurants or hotels, customers often have to comply with the menu package being offered. With catering companies, they are oftentimes more flexible – you can choose what type of dish you want and how is it going to be cooked. Even the food presentation will be “hotel-like” – “sosyal” to you and me. Most catering services have packages where they have everything from appetizers to desserts, but the customer still has the final say what dishes they want served.

4.  Customized Theme

To go with your specialized menu is a specialized theme — most catering services are open-minded in what their clients want. Caterers ask for the party’s motif so that they can fit the menu accordingly — like finger food for casual shindigs, or steaks and potatoes for a corporate affair. They even make sure that the plating is suitable for the party’s theme as well! They also act as a “semi party organizer because, more often than not, they already have some “props” ready for you to use. They can also handle the table centerpieces and floral arrangements because of their vast list of suppliers.



5.  Less Mess

At the end of the day, a party will always leave a mess — empty cups, dirty plastic plates, and a pile of used plastic utensils, sticky floors, etc. You end up wit so much perspiration, an aching body, etc. When you hire a catering service to cover the food for the party, they will make sure that they will leave the venue as clean as can be (plus, most of them have in-house plates and utensils for your guests to use!).


All in all, getting a catering service for your event is the most convenient thing you can do while planning. This is where Jet 7 Bistro Catering excels in — their dishes are delicious and their prices are competitive. Not only that, but Chef Bombay, Jet 7’s resident chef, will make sure that the food is impeccable for your event — after all, you deserve nothing more than the best! You can never go wrong with Jet 7 Bistro Catering. We’re recommending them to you because we’ve seen their work and we liked it.

We got their number in case you have an upcoming event: :  ‎+63917356 8824 / ‎+63917891 5027.