All New Beef Tomato Ramen by Tokyo Tokyo

All New Beef Tomato Ramen by Tokyo Tokyo


Tokyo Tokyo Philippines will never stop surprising us by bringing the new and traditional Japanese flavors to Filipino diners for an affordable price. A few months ago, they introduced a series of fried chicken favorites called “Tokyo Wings” and we are totally hooked! This month, they are bringing us something close to our hearts, something that tastes familiar to us Filipinos through a warm bowl of “Beef Tomato Ramen.”


It’s raining outside and it’s cold, then you suddenly craved for something hot. Hungry? Don’t wanna spend around 500 pesos for a bowl? I suggest you to try the Tokyo Tokyo Beef Tomato Ramen!

This bowl of ramen has a rich and creamy tomato based soup. The presence of sliced beef makes me feel like I’m eating “mechado” at home. I also love the idea of adding lots of spring onions which bring a distinct spice to the dish. There’s also a boiled egg to make it more special. The cabbages and corn, on the other hand, seem to be unnecessary.



The noodles are soft and easy to eat.


Overall I enjoyed trying out this new bowl from Tokyo Tokyo. If you need something hot, try a bowl of Beef Tomato ramen because it’s new yet there is a very familiar taste (for me it was like a mechado surprise), affordable, and it’s almost available anywhere around the Philippines!

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