Best Canadian Comfort Food at Main Street

Best Canadian Comfort Food at Main Street


Fairly new in the Kapitolyo resto circuit is this restaurant that has a well-lit and very clean facade. Every time we pass by, several cars are always parked in front of it which intrigued our team to try it sometime. So, I took the opportunity to celebrate my brother’s birthday in Main Street and see why it seems to be drawing foodies to its doors like bees to honey.  I’m very glad I made that decision.


Main Street

Address: 10 E Capitol Dr, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open daily  from 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Facebook Account
Contact Number: +63 2 2392827

Main Street’s facade is one of the brightest in the area. Limited parking for about 6-7 cars, however, the street could be utilized as parking slots. There are “watch-your-car boys” who are uniformed and looks like they are authorized by the baranggay. Now let’s go inside the resto…


The interior is clean and bright. The design is contemporary with framed photos depicting Canada’s iconic landmarks.


White marble bricks add texture to this wall. Strategic lighting makes a big difference in making it more beautiful.


The restaurant is very spacious. It is well lit and has a cozy ambiance.


Adobe blocks, dramatic lighting and interesting pictures make this wall eye-catching.


Behind this interesting wall is the “designated smoking area” (DSA). Smokers have an exclusive place here and they are not discriminated. Non-smokers need not worry because the DSA is really enclosed – meaning, the smoke will not be smelled by diners.

My dad is very discriminating when it comes to food. More often than not, it is his rants that dominate the air inside the car while I drive back home coming from a restaurant. This time however, he raved. So now, let us show you a few of the yummies one may find in Main Street.

Hoisin Baby Back RibsPHP 385.00 (meal)  

I have an all-time favorite baby back ribs restaurant, however, Main Street’s Hoisin Babyback Ribs has a deliciousness that is all its own. The meat falls off the bone, it is served hot, but most of all, it was grilled using a lot of hoisin sauce which gave it a surprisingly different twist.


Miso Glazed Salmon – PHP 390.00

If you are a regular reader of our reviews, you know that we love salmon and if you love salmon too, you just have to try this Salmon…it is one that you shouldn’t miss! The huge salmon chunk is glazed in a miso-mustard sauce and garnished with sauteed veggies with shallot chive fried rice.


Baked Mac & Cheese – PHP 220.00

Kids love this. The classic Baked Mac smothered with  a lot of cheddar and Parmesan cheese. If you want it sinfully delicious, just add PHP 40.00 and they will add bacon on it.

Blackened Chicken with Creole Butter – PHP 300.00

This is grilled Cajun chicken with Creole butter (butter that has garlic and Cajun seasoning). It is served with asparagus and herbed rice. This is very tasty mainly because of the Creole butter. The Chicken is quite tender too!


Buttermilk Fried Chicken – PHP 290.00 (meal)

Really crispy fried chicken made more delicious with its garlic cream sauce. You may have it with either herbed fried rice or fries.

We were so full but we needed some sweets to wipe away those sinfully delicious flavors from our palate. So we ordered these tempting sweets…

Apple Crumble – PHP 200.00

Of course I was expecting an apple based dessert. It is after all, a Canadian comfort food resto. So I tried on this delicious dessert made of apple slices roasted in butter, honey and cinnamon then baked with a “crumble crust” and topped with Graham crackers and vanilla ice cream. Their version of this all-time favorite is really good.


Creme Brulee – PHP 120.00

It is a tiny piece of “heaven” for sweet-toothed people like me. Simply delicious!

So you may have an idea, here is their menu for your perusal…



As always, we check on  the resto’s restrooms because more often than not, this most intimate and private of areas are often taken for granted. In Main Street, they are well taken care of. Kudos to the management! The wash area is spacious with enough supply of liquid soap and paper napkins. And now, the restrooms…


Baby blue colored paint for “Dude”  and baby pink for “Chick”….cute!







Now for our recommendation – – shall we recommend Main Street to you? We certainly shall. The servings are very generous, the service is friendly and efficient, the ambiance is neat and hip. Families will definitely enjoy here the same way we did. Cheers!

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