Blugré Coffee: A Taste of Davao in Manila

Blugré Coffee: A Taste of Davao in Manila


Blugré Coffee is a specialty shop that started in Davao City (1998), known worldwide for its use of Durian fruit as one of the ingredients of their famous hot and cold coffee blends. The name Blugré was derived from the color “blue-grey” which is the main color of their logo and shops.  A few months ago, they opened their first two branches in Metro Manila: one in San Miguel area (near Malacañang) and another one in 26th Street BGC.

Blugré Coffee

Address: Jose Laurel Corner Matienza Street, San Miguel, Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open from Mon – Sat  (6:00 AM to 10:00 PM)
Facebook Account
Contact Number: +63 2 8102688

It’s so easy to locate Blugré Coffee store in Malacañang. There are parking spaces, tables and chairs outside for your convenience.


The place is hip, cool and modern. We liked the brick walls and the wooden furniture around the coffee shop.


The bar and counter area was clean and well – organized. The service was fast, perhaps because there were a few people at the store when we visited. Certainly, the staff was very accommodating and courteous. We were  starting to like Blugré Coffee from this moment.


The lounge area was cozy. The chairs and sofa made our stay very comfortable. We loved the overall color choice of blue with an earthy accent that represents the nature of coffee. There are also Blugré Coffee merchandise that can be purchased in the store: mugs, glasses, shirts, coffee beans and some durian products such as dips, puree and jam.


Durian Coffeeccino – PHP 160.00 (tall), PHP 175.00 (grande)

I was never a fan of durian fruit before but Blugré Coffee changed my perceptions. The Durian Coffeeccino was super bold and flavourful (thanks to the durian content). And yes, I will have to say this: the aroma was rich and perfectly balanced. The smell was surprisingly OK and not offensive at all!

I also brought home one cup for my dad. I did not tell him that it was Durian Coffeeccino. He doesn’t like durian fruit. When he told me it was so delicious, I laughed really hard then I told him what the coffee blend was really made of. He was totally mesmerized!


Durian Artic Blast – PHP 160.00 (tall), PHP 175.00 (grande)

The blended ice coffee was super smooth in texture, I really love it! It was so refreshing and sometimes I can’t stop comparing it to JCO’s Avocado Frappe maybe because it was also a unique coffee and fruit combination, blended with ice. On the first sip, I was able to taste the durian flavour instantly. And then after a few seconds, the aftertaste was totally coffee.


Choco Torte with Cream SaucePHP 135.00

Actually, I discovered Blugré Coffee in Instagram, when I stumbled upon a photo from one of my friends who labelled it “the best chocolate cake ever.” I was so curious from that moment and wanted to check it out immediately because I am also a certified chocolate cake lover.


The chocolate torte was served warm and swimming on a creamy / milky sauce which made it look unique and special. The fudgy and gooey chocolate cake was sweet so beware! Thankfully, the creamy sauce was not sweetened at all to help balance the power of the cake. Some of  my friends loved it but for me, I must say that it definitely looks good on picture but honestly it would taste a lot better if they put vanilla ice cream on it (a la mode) instead.


Definitely there are more reasons to come back because I really want to try their version of green tea, the “DuterTea” (a creamy blend of durian and matcha green tea).  I am also curious what the Durian Cheesecake might taste like?


Since 1998, BluGré Coffee continuously supports environmental causes, engaging in activities that promote ecological health, such as tree- planting and working in tandem with the local government and business community in charitable projects like feeding programs. So it’s not just about durian and coffee. BluGré Coffee is indeed a company that helps make the world a better place and I am so happy to learn about their culture and values.


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So was it worth the visit? Definitely! If you are open to exploring new flavours and tired of the usual coffee drinks around the metro, consider checking out what Blugré Coffee can offer to your taste buds! They also have a branch in BGC if in case you can’t go to Malacañang.

Make sure to try their signature Durian Coffeeccino and the Durian Artic Blast (ice blended drink). They also offer decaffeinated coffee (you need to add PHP 30.00 to your drink).

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