Bradley’s Bulalo: The Best in Tagaytay?

Bradley’s Bulalo: The Best in Tagaytay?


We wanted a quick getaway from the city where we could get some fresh air and eat “sinfully delicious” Bulalo (Beef Shank and Marrow Soup) with a breathtaking view as our backdrop. So, we went up to Tagaytay City and headed straight to Bradley’s Bulalo Restaurant.

Bradley’s Restaurant

Address: Vista Point, Maharlika West Tagaytay City, Philippines
Contact Nos.: (+63) 917 7220126
Operating Hours:  11:00 am to 10:00 pm
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Located along Aguinaldo Highway Bradley’s has ample parking and most of all, it is nestled right along the ridge of Tagaytay City, affording its guests with an unobstructed view of the magnificent Taal volcano and lake.The restaurant alone sets the right mood for a “culinary excursion”.

The restaurant had a modern interior with some “country” touches like the checkered place mats and the wooden chairs.


Parking is not a problem. Those buildings are across Bradley’s.


The place has a large viewing deck which it shares with another restaurant. This becomes “alive” at night when diners enjoy a couple of beer on a chilly night, but for now, it’s lunchtime and we have to satisfy our hungry tummies.


…and because it’s lunchtime, we preferred to eat outside to have lunch with Mr. Taal Volcano. Even if the area wasn’t set up yet, the very accommodating staff gladly arranged one table for us.


Extra Special Bulalong Tagaytay – PhP 550.00 

Naturally, we had to order Bradley’s Bulalo.  We could hardly wait and were so excited to sink our teeth into what we imagined would be a delicious Bulalo. We didn’t have to wait long because in less than 10 minutes, the Bulalo was served piping hot. After I served the soup to my friends, I can only hear “Sarap!” (delicious) over and over again. A hot soup on a cool day…great company and a fantastic view is absolutely nonpareil! No…we did not detect any monosodium glutamate. Their bulalo was just perfect, so perfect that it became popular by word-of-mouth. This was the reason why, from their first restaurant along Ayala Mall Serin, they opened this branch as well.

The tender meat of the beef was falling off the bone. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the marrow that fell off the bone because one of my companions was “fast on the gun” and beat me to it. Sorry folks. My friends had patis (fish sauce) with calamansi (Philippine lime) to go with every bite of the meat. It was pure bulalo delight.


The cartilage and tendons have become “gelatinous“. It was pure delight to roll it over my tongue and feel it melting therein.

Sizzling Pork Sisig (Sauteed Pork Face) – PhP 180.00 

This has got to be one of Bradley’s best sellers. We belong to the great majority who order “appetizers” or “pulutans” and treat it like a main course. We were surprised with Bradley’s Sisig. It was very, very delicious even if it wasn’t served sizzling. It had everything we were expecting and more: small cuts of pork face with crispy skin, pork meat and liver. Aside from the usual spices (onions, garlic, etc.), it had red, orange and green bell pepper. The eggdrop was of course “present” and it added texture and flavor. I ate it without adding calamansi and soy sauce. It was so flavorful that I just had to remind myself to “hold my horses” in eating this sisig lest I take out my meds from my pocket.


Crispy Tawilis ng Taal – PhP 175.00

Tawilis is a fresh water variety of the sardine and is found only in Taal lake (at the moment). While we were still on our way up to Tagaytay, one of us craved for tawilis. So when we saw it on the menu and our server confirmed that it was available, we ordered it pronto. Why did we have to confirm? It is seasonal. We were lucky that it was in season. Yes, it was about the perfect size (about 3-4 inches long) and crispy although I wished it could’ve stayed on the frying pan for a few more minutes so that when I bite the head off, it will create a “crackling” sound. In fairness, it was fried to the point that you could eat everything – just remove the main spine. This could be achieved by biting the head off then, then pull out the tail slowly or, cut the tail, hold the body and pull the head. What’s left is the body which you may dip in either patis with calamansi or soy sauce with calamansi and chili. Over at Bradley’s, their sauce is vinegar.


Iced Tea – PhP 45.00

It is your usual iced tea.


This trip to Tagaytay was really intended for us to eat bulalo and tawilis as well as to enjoy fresh mountain air and the view of Taal volcano. Did we fulfill our intention? A big YES and we went home with “happy tummies“. Below is their menu so you may have an idea on how much you should bring.

By the way, if you have been following us, we also take a look at the restrooms of the restaurants we review. This is to make restaurant owners pay attention to this very important room which is often taken for granted. Bradley’s has their own “unisex” restroom. It is “lanko” finished and is quite decent.  This kind of wall and floor finish has yet to be appreciated because it looks – well…unfinished. It looked a wee bit “messy” because of the water containers and the mop (but again, it is clean). This is inevitable because, as we all know, Tagaytay doesn’t have an effective water supply system. However, it could use some sprucing up. Some paintings or pictures on the wall could make wonders.

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