Crazy Good Food at Carnivale PH

Crazy Good Food at Carnivale PH


UPDATE: Carnivale has been permanently closed.


Carnivale is a new restaurant in S’ Maison, Conrad Hotel (near Mall of Asia) by Chef Mikel Zaguirre of Locavore PH. The interiors are whimsical and lively and the presentation of the food is colorful, playful and very innovative. The dining experience is very nostalgic of our childhood carnival experience. EAT’s a Small World and Jessa Acosta were invited one festive afternoon hosted by Carnivale and we would like to share with you our exciting experience.


Address: Second Floor, S’ Maison, Conrad Hotel, Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open daily from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
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Contact Numbers: +63 2 8057667

The restaurant is located at the second floor of the mall, beside the cinema. When you see the entrance of the resto, you already know what your dining experience will be like – fun!


These cute little stuffed toys will greet the kids and the kids at heart upon entering the place. Children, don’t mind the San Mig Light bottle please.


The interiors are super colorful and lively. I love the color of the chairs and the marquee lights they used on the ceiling.


The murals on their walls are very interesting. This circus lion on the verge of jumping through a ring of fire caught my attention.


Another impressive mural is the flying trapeze performers that we also liked.


They designed the cashier counter to look like a “ticket booth”, reminiscent of the traditional carnivals of yesteryear.


Here at Carnivale, they make their own cotton candies and the kids just love it!


Here’s the menu for our early dinner. I can’t wait for the burgers and the dessert! #crazygoodfood


They demonstrated to us how they make their own mayonnaise and even asked this kid and his mom to help out.


Next thing I knew, I was asked to wear an apron and I began to make a burger patty from scratch. I enjoyed taking part of the demo together with their Sous Chef Patrick Ortega (extreme right).


Chef Mikel explained on how they grind their meat meticulously.


Chef Patrick Ortega showed us how sophisticated their cooking method is when it comes to burger patties. Burger patties at Carnivale are cooked using the Sous-vide method wherein the patty is sealed in a vacuum-sealed plastic then placed in a temperature-controlled steam environment for longer than normal cooking times at an accurately regulated temperature. The objective is to cook the patty evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside to retain moisture.


Presenting the Wangus Burger, a combination of Angus Beef and Wagyu Fat. Mmmmmmmm, can’t wait to taste it!


French Onion Croquettas PHP 280.00

This crunchy appetizer made with French onion jam, nacho chips crust, mayo, cheese and sriracha was a total surprise. We can’t even stop consuming the remaining sauce up to the very last drop because it was super delicious!


Truffle Fries  PHP 260.00

The Truffle Fries was twice cooked and glazed with white truffle dressing and Parmesan. Super tasty!

Salted Egg  Fries  PHP 220.00

This twice-fried fries was seasoned with salted egg powder, pepper, and condiments. This was my ultra super duper favorite! I am coming back for this!


Wangus Burger  PHP 360.00

This marriage of Angus beef and Wagyu fat was cooked sous videAnd what makes the difference? It was served fresh and extra juicy! I repeat, EXTRA JUICY! I have never tasted any burger that is more delicious than this one. The tomato confit (slow cooked into perfection) and the onion relish was a total complement. Also, the bun (butter toasted brioche) was good as expected.


Gravlax Burger  PHP 380.00

This unique burger was made with gravlax (raw salmon, cured in salt and sugar), cream cheese and smoked salmon mousse. The veggies are still crisp and the pickled onion + honey mustard glaze were perfect additional ingredients. It’s the perfect choice for health conscious people and since I love salmon, I totally approve this one! And what made the buns black? Squid ink.

Make sure that if you are about to taste 2 or more of their burgers (including the Gravlax), get this one first as the other beefy burgers will overpower the taste of this one.


Ferrero Burger  PHP 380.00

The inside of this gold dusted cream puff is an arrangement of Nutella ice cream, dark chocolate Kit Kat bits, toasted almond flakes and dark choco / kahlua ganache.  Surprisingly, it was not super sweet and overpowering despite the chocolates mentioned earlier. It’s the perfect dessert that will truly capture the hearts of sweet-toothed people.


To end the night, we were given a chance to make our own cotton candy. I felt like a kid again!


On our next visit, we will order the lamb burger, cheese burger, chicken nuggets and truffle fries. Did you noticed the menu? You are right! It’s a deck of cards reminiscent of the cards used by circus magicians.


Free WiFi? Worry no more! Theirs is decently fast with average download speed of 4 Mbps and upload speed of 1 Mbps.


Another photo opportunity with the culinary genius Chef Mikel Zaguirre. Eat’a a Small World really loves Locavore PH, so, small wonder that Carnivale is so easy to love as well. Chef Mikel is very innovative and his creations really burst with flavors. We have witnessed how he works inside the kitchen and we bow down to his wonderful food creations with consistent quality.

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Congratulations to the owners of Carnivale restaurant! We can’t wait to get back and check out new additional items on your menu.

Indeed, Carnivale is a new restaurant that is totally recommended to people who love burgers and fries but are expecting more from the traditional fast food restaurants. The price range is a bit higher compared to other burger joints because the quality is very high and the preparation of food was “intense” resulting to a juicier and yummier meats .


We do not have a “review” of their restroom because it does not have its own. The nearest one is located near the cinema (same floor).

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