Coffee Meets Art at Artesania MNL

Coffee Meets Art at Artesania MNL


Artesania MNL is a new cafe along the famous Maginhawa Street in Quezon City that serves coffee and food while allowing you to release the artistic side of you. It’s a totally refreshing idea to have good food and do arts at the same time in just one place. Everything is so cozy and artsy. It is very intimate, therefore, not intimidating. From the interiors and the food that they serve, they all look beautiful and guaranteed to help you de-stress from the outside world. A lot of art programs, workshops and events await you!

Artesania MNL

Address: #140 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village Quezon City,  Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open daily (except Mondays) from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Facebook Account
Contact Numbers: +63 2 891 8958

You will notice their counter immediately upon entering this coffee shop. I visited the cafe during Christmas season so there were a few “yuletide” decors around the place. Despite being cozy in size, it was super clean and the environment was young and fresh. The lights are perfect complement to the cafe.


Wooden chairs and tables with beautiful grains fit the modern interior design perfectly. There is a mini stage where invited speakers talk about art and do some workshops. On certain occasions, there are some musical performances at night and some poetry reading too.


Some art supplies are made available to help you start your masterpiece. There are art materials like: colored pencils, brushes, acrylic paints, markers, etc…


Nutcracker Latte – PHP 135.00

It’s pretty obvious why their Galaxy Lattes are one of their best selling coffee drinks. Who can resist this beautiful work of art in a coffee? It’s like reaching the stars while rewarding your self with a cup of creamy and sweet latte. I love this and I think one cup is not enough – honestly! How I wish I could have this everyday but I’m quite far away from Maginhawa. This makes me feel excited to come back soon.

Lemon and Basil Tea  – PHP 105.00

I love this flavored iced tea drink. Very refreshing and not too sweet at all. The tea base was bold and the basil leaves left a unique and minty aftertaste with every sip.


Iced Caramel Macchiato – PHP 140.00

We love iced coffee drinks. This variant is sweetcreamy and it’s perfect for the hot weather in Manila. The colorful and sweet candies on top made this drink very interesting.


Black Forest Latte – PHP 135.00

Another galaxy latte that they offer is this sweet and creamy blend that has an excellent hint of black forest cake.

Potato Eaters – PHP 185.00

French fries with 4 colorful dips: barbecue, mustard, ketchup and my personal favorite which is the blue cheese. I know it looks different but I love the rich aroma and its unique taste as well. Perfect for sharing with the whole barkada! We had fun eating this.


Love Me Tender Pasta – PHP 290.00

Generous amount of al dente pasta tossed in their very own Stroganoff sauce with beef strips and mushrooms. I enjoyed sharing it with friends (good for 2 – 3 people) and I liked the tenderness of the beef strips.


Come on, Irene Pizza – PHP 290.00 (garlic and prawn)

Super crispy and thin crust pizza that is perfect for 2 – 3 persons. Made very tasty by slivers of garlic and shrimp. Squeeze some lime juice and that’s it! Definitely recommended!

I was having a hard time choosing which dessert to order, and since I am a devout chocolate lover, I ordered the…


 Brownie a la Mode – PHP 130.00

I was so happy to get this one for dessert. It’s not your usual a la mode because the vanilla ice cream was not on top. A strategy to avoid melting in advanced, and a good technique as well to make sure that every bite has its own share of ice cream (which is actually a very important idea for me). The brownie was super chocolaty and chewy. Overall, it was good!


Cookie Shot with MilkPHP 95.00

There are two ways to enjoy this treat:

  1. Prepare your cookie shot with milk: use the chocolate cookie shot as a “shot glass” and pour warm milk. To enjoy, sip milk from the cookie shot and take a small bite. Don’t take big bites as it will lose enough space to hold the milk. I actually had a hard time resisting the cookie. I wanted to consume all of it in one go…haha!
  2. Some people will just pour the warm milk on the cookie glass, wait for the chocolate to melt in a few seconds and then drink all of it. The cookie glass will be consumed “save the best for last” style.

Which do you prefer?


 Warm smiles from Artesania MNL owners.

Several colored pencils ready to use for your coloring sheets.

Who wants to start coloring her world?


More art materials: acrylic paints, markers, colored chalk, pens, yarns, etc.


They post available workshop schedules for the month so you can choose which to attend. They also have it on their Facebook account. Parents who worry about their kids activity during summer breaks or on weekends will surely be glad to discover Artesania MNL.


Their washing area was super customized and really artsy. Look at this sink: it was made from an old drum. It was a product of the creative mind of one of their partners – Royce Baronia. He is actually a percussionist and he plays his music there sometimes.

We were impressed with their  small and tidy restroom. It was enough to do your business. There is a bidet and the toilet bowl was shiny and clean.


This attention-grabbing mural inside the restroom was a good addition. It served as an accent to the stark white wall.  Very interesting!


Another good stuff: they found a new use for old liquor bottles. Check out this Jagermeister liquid soap container.


Also: A Jack Daniel’s liquid soap container made by Cristal Glass Project. Check out their Instagram account here.

Map Location:

Also, they give cashback points to loyal customers (through Zap) so come and check it out!

Artesania MNL is indeed a new and unique coffee shop perfect for all ages. We really love the idea of putting arts, crafts and coffee in one place. We recommend it to students around the area who are looking for places to read and study. It is also for young individuals who want to learn and start doing art as a new hobby and stress reliever.

Congratulations to the owners of Artesania MNL. We will surely come back for more cups of galaxy latte, pizza and pasta dishes!

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