Going Gaga for Calea!

Going Gaga for Calea!


After attending an event in Business Inn along Lacson Street in Bacolod City,  my friends and I wanted to politely decline the invitation of our “Bacolodnon” friend to have an after dinner chitchat at a bakeshop/coffee shop because all we wanted was to just collapse on our bed and sleep. However, our friend was so sweet that it was very “hurting” for us to disappoint her, so, we agreed to meet her at Calea Pastries and Coffee. Boy, were we were glad we met with her!

Calea Pastries and Coffee
Address: Balay Quince, 15th Street corner Lacson Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental (across L’Fisher Hotel)
Contact Number: (034) 433 3143

Our weary bodies suddenly perked-up when we reached Calea Pastries and Coffee. Why? Well, the place was packed with what Michael Jackson called  PYT’s (pretty young things)! Such a hip and trendy crowd! And when we entered the place, everything had a “wow” factor: the cake display on the right had about 50-70 kinds of cakes (perhaps even more) and pastries that were simply so irresistible! It was a visual treat for anyone who has a sweet tooth like me.

Next thing I noticed was the decor of the place. It reminded me of the colors of both Lladro and Precious Moments figurines: lots of Baby Blue, Blue Grey, Off White and Natural Pine colors. The modern/rustic interior design is without doubt, a winner as it set the mood for diners indulging in their sweet offerings.


Hanging lamps with dainty prints were pretty and it cast a nice warm glow on the sweets. But, enough of the interiors… let’s get down to the real goodies!

In “blockbuster” places like this, we have accepted the fact that service may/will suffer.  This we do, so that we won’t lose our temper and to avoid frustration should there be any service hiccups. Even if a restaurant is well-staffed, providing good service in a fully-packed restaurant is still a challenge to the service crew. It’s a good thing that we have conditioned our minds to  this way of thinking because…yes, albeit the servers were nice in Calea, the service was not, well…good. It took them almost 45 minutes to bring our orders to our tables even though the cakes were already there on the cake display. It’s not as if they had to wait for the cake to be baked, I mean…really now…


Thank God we agreed to order several kinds of cakes so that we would be able to taste quite a number. First was  their best seller: “Chocolate Cake“. This was really good: the cake was moist, the dark chocolate frosting was not too sweet and the creamy ganache was rich! The creamy ganache actually mellowed the rich flavor of the chocolate frosting. Small wonder it is one of their best sellers.


Next is this “Pecan Pie a la mode” which I ordered for myself.  Well…for a guy like me who sugar loads himself quite often (I am not to be emulated), I found it to be slightly sugary. Maybe there should be more corn syrup and less on the sugar? But if the reason for the vanilla ice cream is to somewhat regulate the sweetness of the pecan pie, yes…it did just that. Sweet-toothed people know what I am talking about.


The server recommended “Mud Pie” to us. She said it was one of  their best sellers too. What can I say? Sinfully delicious chocolate ice cream-based cake smothered with choco syrup and choco cookie crumbs and slivers of almonds. She told the truth! We really loved this one.


Their “White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce” was light and creamy and the sweetness was just right. It is so unlike the New York Cheesecake which is really dense and heavy. The texture of their cheesecake was similar to the Japanese Cheesecake. I just felt that this goodie can stand alone, therefore, no need for the raspberry sauce. However, if it was done for presentation purposes, hmmm…then it’s fine. It’s actually up to us diners if we will smother it with raspberry or not. For my first bite, I added the raspberry sauce. The next bite, I did not. The other bites that followed were without raspberry sauce.


I love Chocolate Mousse. So when I saw it on the menu, I suggested it to my friends. Calea actually calls it “Triple Chocolate Mousse“. It was also good! It was actually, very good because of its crust. This is a “must try”.


Their Capuccino Coffee was served with muscovado sugar on the side. It was good. However, it was served too late that we were almost done eating all the cakes. Again, we were only a “bit disappointed” and not “very disappointed” because we already “managed” our expectations with regard to blockbuster restaurants like this. We don’t want to get angry….we don’t want to age fast. Hahahaha….By the way, almost all of their cakes are priced less than a hundred pesos. The cakes that we ordered ranged from P85-P95. The Capuccino coffee was P85. Very reasonable. I hope they keep it that way.

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We asked the server why have they not opened a shop in Manila. Her response was that the owner oversees the entire baking process herself making sure that the quality of each cake is to her exact measurements. She would never, ever compromise the quality of her cakes. She’s hesitant to open more shops because having many branches might affect the quality. Hmmm…I really hope Rosario Coching changes her mind and opens at least one branch in Metro Manila. Calea can give the other pastry shops a run for their money.