GOTO MONSTER: Your Favorite Goto with a Twist

GOTO MONSTER: Your Favorite Goto with a Twist


It’s fun to discover places to eat especially the ones which are open 24/7. Goto Monster is a hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant in Makati City, which primarily serves specialty goto (congee) in different variants: Bagnet, Chicharon, Shiitake Mushrooms, Chicken Adobo and their very own Goto Special. The comfortable dining place and the affordable price of their food makes it popular to people not just in Vito Cruz / Makati but around Metro Manila as well.

Goto Monster
Address: 245 Primo Rivera St Vito Cruz, Makati City, Philippines
Contact number: +63 916 3002600
Facebook page:
Open 24 Hours

We visited at 12 midnight on a rainy day. It was a perfect opportunity to warm our tummies with a bowl of hot goto.


It was already late at night but there were still a lot of people visiting the place. The ambiance is OK. It looks comfortable because of the color coordination and their creative pop-inspired wallpaper. The owner, Jean D. Hill ensured that we will enjoy our stay and food.

Their wall decors and displays looked interesting.


There are spaces and tables outside for those want to eat al-fresco style.


They don’t just make sure that people were full with good food but they also made water available all the time through these cute stainless kettles found on their tables, each filled with lots of ice. My friend said that most people notice this thing during their first visit.

The sauces are always ready (with cute labels) so you can always add and mix the taste of your goto. I like mine with bagoong and calamansi (Philippine Lime).

The menu is very straightforward. They have their variants of goto, “silog” meals, side orders, drinks and desserts. Most of the bestsellers are shown on the leftmost column with small pictures.

Goto Special – PHP 95.00

For first time visitors, it is recommended to try their bestsellerGoto Special” made with hot lugaw, ox tripe, toasted garlic, onion leeks, tinapa (smoked fish) flakes and salted duck  egg. Their congee was made right, with proper amounts of spices: ginger and turmeric (which gave a natural yellow colour). Furthermore, its basic taste is not salty at all. It gave us the freedom to put on whatever sauces and additional spices we preferred (pepper, soy sauce, bagoong, fish sauce) as explained by the owner.

It was served hot with calamansi (Philippine Lime) on the side. I liked it because they used salted eggs instead of regular ones. It helped make the dish extra-special and gave an excellent flavor because of its saltiness and creaminess. I like the idea of putting leeks as well. Its mild onion taste and crunchiness complemented the toasted garlic bits perfectly.

Shiitake Mushrooms Special– PHP 95.00

This one is perfect for those who are avoiding pork/beef/chicken meat. It’s their usual lugaw topped with leeks, garlic bits, salted duck egg, tinapa flakes and shiitake mushrooms. The flavor is bold and I really love the mushrooms because it enhanced the flavor of the dish through its natural smoky flavor and mildly chewy texture. It’s one of a kind! I liked it!

Chickadobo Special – PHP 95.00

This one is a new addition to their menu. Who wouldn’t want the world famous Filipino chicken adobo meat on a goto bowl? It had an intense homey flavor and we definitely liked it! This quick protein fix had a “wow factor” because it blended nicely with the salted duck egg and roasted garlic bits.


For those who want to drown in goto, you may want to try their “Goto Monster MAN VS FOOD Pinoy Style 45 Minute Challenge.” Call them in advanced to get more details and to give them time to prepare your monster bowl and an *ambulance (*kidding aside).

Here’s their door of fame (for those who survived the 45 minute challenge). Would you like to be the 4th survivor (as of this writing)?

Bagnetsilog – PHP 140.00

My friend craved for a rice meal. Thankfully, they also served Filipino “comfort foods” like  “silog” rice + egg meals. We tried their pork bagnet and it’s so juicy and crispy. The garlic fried rice was served hot with a sunny side up egg and a unique mustasa (mustard) salad. The vinegar complemented the juicy meat of bagnet.

Iced Salabat– PHP 75.00

This was insanely delicious! The ginger and calamansi complemented each other and it was so refreshing. Not to mention the spicy kick of the ginger made me want to order for more. Although it’s a bit pricey, its all natural flavor and the not-so-sweet taste gave an intense pleasure to my taste buds. I definitely recommend this caffeine-free drink!

Bibingka Special a la mode– PHP 150.00

It’s so hard to choose a “sweet happy ending” for the night.  They usually serve Champorado a la mode as a bestseller too but for now, we are craving for their version of bibingka. The presentation is fabulous and the taste is awesome! It’s made of bibingka waffle (the green one) topped with special bukayo, salted duck egg, ube (purple yam) ice cream and salted caramel sauce. We were surprised to discover that ube ice cream and salted egg is a perfect combination. It’s good for sharing and a nice afternoon snack as well. Promise, I will come back for this.

Banana Chocnut Ice Cream – PHP 55.00

Another ice cream treat! These ice cream pops are so special because they are not too sweet. This variant had real banana bits in it and the chocnut (local mix of chocolate and nuts) flavor was tasty. We’ll surely come back and try their other variants such as Leche Flan, Bibingka Special and Ginataan Halo Halo. 

Map Location:

Honestly, we had fun visiting Goto Monster. It’s my first time there and it definitely won’t be the last. I really like the idea of these tiny restaurants that serve wholesome and “comfort foods”. The owner is really on top of the operations and we liked the idea that she talks to her customers and provides recommendations when asked. It felt so reassuring and fulfilling (for our tummies) at the same time!

We will really come back and check out the other variants of their goto, desserts and appetizers. As for my recommendations:

  1. Make sure to try their Goto Special (recommended for first timers).
  2. Use bagoong to add extra taste and flavor to your goto.
  3. Try to call first if you are visiting on lunch / dinner time to ensure you will have enough spaces to eat.
  4. Don’t miss their desserts. It’s so unique and interesting especially the bibingka waffles with ice cream and the ice cream pops as well.

How about you? Let us know your thoughts about Goto Monster  through the comments section below.

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