Hey Handsome! Hello Yum!

Hey Handsome! Hello Yum!


The team of Eat’s a Small World was in BGC around dinner time one weekday night when we passed by  “Hey Handsome“. We’ve been wanting to try for ourselves its food and why is it such a big hit among foodies. So, after easily finding a parking slot (there’s a valet for your convenience), we sauntered towards the resto. Yes, parking is a major factor for us whenever we go to a restaurant. Who wants to park his car in unsafe places, anyway?

Hey Handsome 

Address: Net Park Building, 5th Avenue Taguig 1634, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM and 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Facebook Accounthttps://web.facebook.com/handsomecome/
Contact Number: +63 917 102 0355


It’s on the ground floor of Net Park Building so, you can hardly miss it. It is brightly lit at night and it immediately grabs your attention as you cruise down 5th Avenue.


Its facade is a floor to ceiling glass wall which, during lunchtime, gives diners an airy feeling as it allows natural light to come in. The resto’s high ceiling is a plus factor especially when it gets filled up with diners – you don’t get claustrophobic.


Hey Handsome’s open kitchen allows diners to see how the kitchen team prepares the food. The bar type set up gets occupied as well by both diners and drinkers.

The young kitchen team comes up with new versions of all-time favorites. New dishes are “created” here as well.


To be honest, I was a little bit puzzled why they used this kind of tiles for the resto’s interiors. Without sounding snooty or anything, if it was trying to make a “statement”, it did not achieve it.  Personally, if there is a new craze, I always remind myself  not to fall “prey” to the “predator”fad. Not because it is the latest craze means it’s good. Just like those guys who sported the “elf hairdo” otherwise known as “Hershey’s Kisses hairdo” (popular sometime 2006-2010) now squirm whenever they look at their old pictures. To be honest, I remembered my grandmother’s bathroom in Pampangga when I first saw the tiles.  I am being honest here. It is exactly the same.  Or maybe that’s where the design challenge was? Diners will eat Hey Handsome’s delicious food, no matter what the ambiance is? Anyway…


Hey Handsome changes its menu from time to time. This explains the portable blackboard which stands on an easel and is carried by a server to a guest if need be.


I kinda’ felt awkward when our lady server approached me carrying this rather large blackboard. I felt it was too heavy and big for a lady to carry. But, c’ est la vie….

Cherry PopPHP 150.00

It is fresh lemonade with rosemary and cherry. Good and very refreshing. Visually appealing too!


Minced DuckPHP 400.00

The food presentation was just marvelous. Actually, all of their food presentation is “three dimensional” – really a treat for the eyes.


 The deep-fried minced duck was just bursting with flavors…rich flavors! They used a lot of herbs in their ingredients which makes their dishes very, very unique. The kaffir lime leaves were chopped extremely thin, allowing it to blend 100% of its flavour to the dish.

Fish – (Nasi Lemak) – PHP 780.00

Again, Hey Handsome’s version of this Malaysian dish was innovatively prepared by their young and hip chefs. The chefs used Sea Bass which was layered with sambal. It was not too overly spicy.


Naturally, the rice was cooked with pandan leaves that is why is was so aromatic. The flavor of the sauce was not too overwhelming. For added texture, a piece of peanut brittle was placed over the fish.

An added treat to the Nasi Lemak was the pickled egg which I loved.


Kueh Lenkuas – PHP 220.00

We were so curious to order it for dessert.


It is made of “lengkuas” or “blue ginger”,  coconut and lychee. It is a must try because of its unique taste. Don’t worry, the lengkuas flavor is not overpowering. It is the sweet taste of lychee that tickled my palate and it is really delicious. I loved it!

As usual, we also review the most intimate room in the restaurant for your added information. We do this because, there have been many times in the past that we were not able to answer to call of nature because the restroom is dirty and it left us with a very uncomfortable feeling and we do not want you to experience that. So here is their restroom…

It is obviously clean and smelled good.


It had a box of tissue which comes in very handy. However, now I don’t know where the toilet ends and where the resto begins – with regard to tiles used, of course.


Are we going to recommend Hey Handsome to you? With a resounding “YES”,  we definitely will. The service was good, the place is clean, the food is delicious and the chefs are innovative. We are coming back to try their next offerings soon.

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This review is the opinion of the author based on actual experience. The establishment may have changed in terms of ownership, prices, decor, service, food preparation and food presentation after the posting of this review. This is not meant to influence the reader’s decision.

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