House of Lechon: Mouthwatering Carcar Lechon in Cebu City

House of Lechon: Mouthwatering Carcar Lechon in Cebu City


By now, we all know that Cebu is the “winner” when it comes to roasted pigs (lechon). Unlike the lechons of Manila where you need a “lechon sauce” to enjoy this delicacy, the lechons of Cebu hardly need any sauce because the meat itself is already, very flavorful. The seasoning is absorbed by the meat throughout the entire body of the pig.  There are several well-established restaurants in Cebu specializing in lechon and, in fairness, all of them may be considered good – depending on one’s taste buds. There are also several towns in Cebu which brag about their delicious roast pigs. One of them is the town of Carcar which is about an hour and a half away from Cebu City. However, because of “House of Lechon“, one does not need to drive far to taste this all-time Filipino favorite.

House of Lechon
Address: Acacia Street, Cebu City (it is just 10 minutes walking distance from Ayala Center, Cebu)
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Contact number: (032) 231 0958
Facebook page:
WiFi available

House of Lechon is tucked on Acacia Street close to the corner of Escario St. which is one of Cebu’s major thoroughfares.  You wouldn’t miss it because the signage is very visible.


Parking is not a problem although on weekends, it could be difficult.


The land area of the restaurant is big (about a thousand square meters?) so, there are two entrances: one on Acacia and another in Tojong Street. If you are entering through Tojong Street, you will pass through their al fresco dining area on the left side and on the right side is their open/show kitchen.


As you pass, the staff greets you even if they are busy cooking.


If you are coming from their Acacia Street entrance, you will enter the main air-conditioned restaurant where you will be greeted by this stylish furniture. One must remember that Cebu is also known to produce world-class furniture.


There is an al fresco dining area for smokers.


At the main dining area, one will find hanging wicker lamps with shades and warm lights.


The dining tables have clean white tops (synthetic granite?) and chairs that simulate wicker weaves in taupe.


On one side of the resto are  booths separated by bamboo walls. It sits a party of four comfortably. It is unquestionably Filipino design with a modern touch.


1 kilo of chopped Carcar lechon is P650. Naturally, we ordered their much talked-about and best selling Carcar Lechon. It was served on a wooden dish that looks like the face of a pig.  So, we immediately tried the Carcar lechon. One of us raved about it because the meat, as mentioned earlier, was already seasoned to perfection. Just add rice and that’s it – so delicious even without the sauce.

The lechon skin, which had this amazing amber-orange color was absolutely crispy. A real winner! We were all unanimous in saying it was roasted perfectly. As for the meat, we all know that pigs, just like cows, have different textures for every part of their body. Therefore, some of us found the meat really tender while the others found it a bit chewy.

So, when you order, tell the server which part of the lechon do you want. As for the taste of the meat, it is just a teeny weeny bit on the salty side. I think this was intentional because lechon is usually eaten with rice and not to be eaten “as is”. With rice, the lechon was mouthwatering. I personally did not dip the meat on the sauce because the sauce was salty. We also ordered their specialty which was the “spicy lechon” version. THIS was the absolute winner for me because the saltiness and the spiciness of the lechon complemented each other. According to their server, the spicy Carcar lechon is a crowd favorite.


To take away our “lechon fatigue” or “umay”,  we ordered “Sabaw ng Mais og Kinhason” (Corn Soup with Clams). P165 per order.


This was really good. The clams are big and healthy-looking! Again, we had mixed comments about the clams: some found it chewy while the others said it was soft but we were all in agreement as to the delicious taste of the soup.


I was intrigued by their soy sauce (toyo)  and vinegar (suka)  container.


House of Lechon also have a stunning function room good for about 20 – 30 people. The room boasts of a long table accentuated by  two imposing, oversized wicker peacock chair in turquoise. Hanging bamboo internodes is where the light bulbs are placed giving the room a truly Filipino ambiance.


Another design highlight is the room’s wall where a black acrylic sheet is cut in banana leaf shapes then mounted on a white wall similar to the look of a black lace over a white satin fabric. This wall is gorgeous.


Menu (page 1)


Menu (page 2)


We went there twice: the first time was for lunch and the other time was for dinner and in both occasions, the restaurant was full.


What is our recommendation?

  1. Shall we recommend House of Lechon to you? An absolute yes.
  2. How about the saltiness of the meat? Then just take a little portion of the lechon and eat it with rice – that is already a good combination, no need for a sauce.
  3. How about the service? This is Cebuano hospitality at its best.

Yes, my friends and I like this restaurant and we will be back, given the opportunity. We liked it so much that we ordered “take out” so our family and friends can taste what we tasted. The lechon was freshly roasted because we picked-up our order at 10:00 AM and witnessed how it was done.

Take-out” or “pasalubongswere packed in these corrugated boxes which you can “hand carry” on the plane. When I reached my Quezon City home, the skin was still crispy.

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By the way, House of Lechon was hailed as “Lechon Maker of the Year 2016” by the Business Achievement and Recognition Awards of Cebu.

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