Mad Mark’s New Menu

Mad Mark’s New Menu


UPDATE: Their menu varies from time to time. Some of the items were already removed and they have added new items for you to check out as well.


Mad Mark’s has been known for their “Honest” Ice Cream – made from scratch, their famous steaks and other comfort foods (chicken wings, salad, potatoes and sandwiches). Their Kapitolyo Pasig branch is so famous that a queue of people wanting to try their affordable but tasty food is always visible. Recently, we visited their Glorietta 5 Makati branch to taste the new additional items on their menu and I am so excited to write about it and share with you our experience.

Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats

Address: Second Floor, Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City, Philippines
Contact Nos.: +63 9178827594 and +63 4033585
Operating Hours:  11:00 am to 10:00 pm
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They have comfortable wooden chairs and dining tables. The place always gets full on Friday nights and weekends.


Mad Mark’s Ice cream is really a specialty. I couldn’t wait to avail one after dinner but for now, we have to fill our hungry tummies.


Their walls are generally decorated with photos and posters with ice cream as a subject. This made me want to crave further for dessert.


Mad Mark’s introduced this new menu around mid October 2016. A lot of new items were made available especially curry based dishes. They also have this “Luau Poke” salad with fresh salmon and “Fat Chips” for appetizer. I got so excited to taste everything but I easily get full so I will have to come back as soon as possible. For a bigger image of the menu, click here.


Fat ChipsPHP 135.00

As you can see from the photo above, this is love at first sight. I love potatoes. It’s my comfort food. This appetizer was served super hot and the zesty flavor was amazing especially when dipped with their homemade sauce. You really need to dip it because it’s a bit salty. For me, it’s like a better version of Shakey’s famous Mojos.


Cheesy Bacon Fries – PHP 150.00

The steak-cut fries were deep fried until golden brown. I love its texture and flavor. The bacon bits are ultra crispy and we couldn’t stop wanting for more. It’s perfect for sharing.


Spunky Hotlanta – PHP 160.00

This affordable dish is the best pick for anyone who doesn’t want to be so adventurous in choosing their food. The chicken meat was deep fried into perfection and the meat was tender. There is a minimal amount of rice (good for those who are reducing their carb intake) and plenty of corn and carrots. The flavor was OK and not salty.


Can’t Get Enough of Wings  PHP 160.00

Here’s their own version of buffalo wings. Actually, it’s been on their menu since their Kapitolyo days. Served in a cute little frying pan, it’s sweet and tangy sauce makes it very popular to everyone. Compared to the Spunky Hotlanta (from above), I will choose this one since it is served with 5 pieces wings and I can easily share it to my friends (although there are no veggies on the side).


Curry Rice (Chicken) – PHP 180.00

It’s one of the new additional dishes to their menu. I love their curry dishes. It’s full of flavor and it doesn’t lack spiciness at all. This dish is served with a generous amount of rice topped with chicken pops with fried potatoes and carrots. I recommend this dish to hungry diners because the amount of rice is very plentiful. Since I was trying to avoid rice, I tried to negotiate with the server to reduce the serving but they politely told me that it won’t be possible. Maybe it’s their policy that their original recipe cannot be customized at all.


Hambagu Steak Curry  – PHP 180.00

Another curry based dish, this one’s a true champion. It’s their usual curry dish served with a generous amount of rice, topped with hamburger steak, fried potatoes and carrots. Truly, we fell in love with their hamburger patty / steak. It was extremely tender and tasty (full of umami taste) – it perfectly matches the mildly spicy curry sauce. I liked it!


While dining, I cannot remove my eyes from this board, showing information about how sweet their available flavors are (sweet-o-meter).


This is it! It’s finally time for dessert! I immediately ordered 3 scoops of ice cream:

  1. Half-Baked Madagascar – it’s one of their oldest flavors — I love this yummy and creamy ice cream flavor
  2. Matchawaited (Matcha / Green Tea) – As a matcha lover, I certainly approve this one! It’s not so sweet and the matcha flavor is so real!
  3. Sumatra Arabica – bold coffee flavor, perfect for those who want to awaken their senses. No sweetness at all.


Watch out for “Forward Scoop” every Wednesday morning – they give free additional scoop for each ice cream order .


Here’s a great deal as well: these “Weekday Warrior” dishes are available every weekday — all can be purchased at an affordable price. You can start with their Sponky Hotlanta or their Chicken Wings meal for the cheapest but tasty ones. You can also try out their Luau Poke salad as well if you are feeling full on a lunch time. On the other hand, do not miss their curry dishes as well which are not pricey at all (actually, you will get more than what you pay for).  Lastly, for a lot more of a protein fix, try their Japan Japan (Grilled Chicken Teriyaki with vegetables) and Creole Grilled Chicken (Herb and Spice Grilled Chicken with Veggies).


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From my own perspective, I do not think that Mad Mark’s is famous just because of their ice cream. Mad Mark’s is not your ordinary restaurant. I certainly noticed that whenever I visit them to dine, I always get more than what I paid for. Their super tasty and innovative meals are what I always crave for, and I recommend it to people who really value their money. I admire their passion to serve their customers well by serving food that is really delicious and affordable at the same time. Their staff are very accommodating and they always wear a lovely smile that is why I always end up happy and contented whenever I bring my friends and family here.

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