Minokaua Bar / Restaurant (Malate, Manila)

Minokaua Bar / Restaurant (Malate, Manila)


The Minokaua is a newly opened bar and restaurant (2017) in Malate Manila. Every night, people come to grab a drink and listen to live music that is mostly blues, acoustic and jazz and this has made them one of the most popular watering hole in this part of Manila. Another factor that has made them such an instant hit is their food selection – the menu is just “bursting” with mouthwatering dishes! We were invited to check them out so we paid them a visit one Saturday night to experience Minokaua “up-close and personal”. Let me share with you our story…


The Minokaua

Address: 1951 M. Adriatico St., Malate, Manila, Philipines
Operating Hours:  6:00 PM – 3:00 AM (Monday- Saturday)
Email for events: events@theminokaua.com
Email for reservations: piauy@theminokaua.com
Contact Number:  +63 927 277 3513


We were surprised to discover that Sinosikat band will be performing during our Saturday visit at the Minokaua. Sinosikat is one of the most sought-after band in Manila.



During the weekends, the first floor becomes their exclusive lounge / restaurant area. But on weekdays, the band performances are usually held here and the second floor becomes the VIP lounge area.


There’s al fresco dining as well, most probably designated to smokers. The facade looks like those resto-bars in Europe. It’s brightly lit at night so you can’t miss it.


Our couch was super comfy. We started the night by drinking a glass of iced tea and a pint of beer. The ethnic statue reminds everyone about the legendary “Minokawa” a giant dragon-like bird in Philippine legends.  Ancient Filipinos believed this Minokawa was so big that it can swallow (or cover) the sun and the moon and this explains the occurrence of eclipses.


The interior design of the place is so flexible, it can be the venue for meetings, birthdays, and even an art exhibit of paintings and sculptures which they will be doing soon. In case somebody shows interest about a particular piece, they can take it home for a price – but of course. Now for the “main event” – – the food!


6 pcs Buffalo Chicken Pops – PHP 350.00 +

It’s not your usual buffalo chicken. Their version is large and prepared somewhat “lollipop style” for easier consumption (and less mess of course). The meat was absolutely tender and juicy and the sauce was a perfect match to the dish. Very good!



Buffalo Green Thunder – PHP 260.00 + 

Inside these triangular “rice wrapper” wrapped goodie is a bar chow that has become our instant favorite. It was made with green chilies, ground pork,  melted cheese, spices and herbs (that is “classified” info) and a seasoning that blends all the ingredients perfectly. Just like so many Pinoys, we did not eat this as a bar chow – instead, we ate it as a main course. Super perfect for sharing!


The Sisig Minokaua Rice – PHP 880.00

So they told us that it’s good for 3-4 pax. However, because of the very generous serving of rice, we realized it can be shared with up to 5 people. As for the rice, it was cooked paella style (very good quality and appetizing colour). The sisig on the top was made with fresh pork parts, each bite was super crunchy and tasty just like the traditional Kapampangan sisig. The fresh chilies on the top made it ultra special. Super spicy and appetizing, I would love to have this again for dinner right now! For those who are afraid of spicy food, just remove the chili and you’re good to go.



Iced Tea – PHP 65.00+

Super refreshing house blend iced tea, one of the bests and yet it was so affordable!


Time to listen to some good old music, let’s take the stairs shall we?


That Saturday night was “full house” because Sinosikat was on center stage.  We enjoyed our food so much and spent a lot of time at the ground floor so we lost our chance to get a table upstairs. It was SRO. Sinosikat was singing all-time favorites to the delight of the crowd. No worries, because we enjoyed watching the show while standing at the back end (we kinda liked the distance we were at because we had an overall view of the place plus, it’s easy to go to the restroom if necessary).


You can check out Minokaua’s Facebook page to get updates on who’s going to perform every night at the bar. The poster above shows the complete gig schedules for the month of June.



As usual, if you are a follower of Eat’s a Small World, you know that we “review” restrooms as well. These rooms are often the least maintained when in fact, it should also be well-kept because we spend our most intimate moments here…


The restroom was sleek and shiny. We loved the black tiles. It was clean. We hope that they keep it this way and that clients will cooperate in keeping it clean as well. It always takes “two to tango”…


If you ask us if we will come back to Minokaua – – the answer is a big “YES”. The food is very, very good. We knew that it was full house so we gave an “allowance” for some delay in service BUT the servers were efficient enough.  The entertainment was good and the management seem to be very discriminating in their selection of entertainers. They only get THE BEST. How about security? Well, you will see several big burly men in black shirts to ensure the safety of everyone. Yes, Minokaua can be and will be your next favorite resto in Malate, Manila.



This review is the opinion of the author based on actual experience. The establishment may have changed in terms of ownership, prices, decor, service, food preparation and food presentation after the posting of this review. This is not meant to influence the reader’s decision.

Thank you.

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