New Dishes from Amici

New Dishes from Amici


From the printing press canteen started by Salesian Italian missionary Fr. Colombo, Amici di Don Bosco was established in 2001. Today, Amici has become one of the best authentic Italian restaurants around the metro. We were invited to taste the new dishes from their menu, created by their new Executive Chef Paolo Moran and General Manager Philip Moran. Let me tell you our story…



Address: Ayala Triangle Gardens, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
Operating Hours:  10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (weekdays) and 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM (weekdays)
Facebook Account
Contact Number: +63 2 6216111


When it comes to choosing a good Italian restaurant in Metro Manila, Amici will always be on the short list. From day one up to this writing, people simply love their pasta, pizza and their wide array of gelato selection. This is why we were so excited to learn more about their new creations…


Spinach Artichoke – PHP 285.00

I was so happy to taste this favourite appetizer again from Amici. These pizza crust wedges were crispy and goes perfectly well with the creamy spinach artichoke dip.


Ohh so yummy! We enjoyed munching on it while waiting for the main dishes to be served.


Bacon and Cheese Gnocchi– PHP 368.00

It was my first time to try this unique pasta dish. Gnocchi (pronounced as “Nyokki”) is a traditional Italian style pasta pillow made with potatoes. I love its chewy texture. The creamy and cheesy sauce (made with asiago cheese and parmesan) goes well with the bacon bits on the top. It’s definitely recommended for kids and kids at heart.


Pasta Nero – PHP 398.00

I have tried several squid ink pasta dishes from way back when, but I consider this one the best!  The al dente pasta goes well with the squid ink pomodoro sauce and it was intense! Also, it was made special by adding crunchy calamari on the top, and the presence of the garlic aioli sauce was definitely one of a kind! This was my fave among everything else on their new menu.


Seafood Diablo – PHP 378.00

Usually, if the dish has the word “diablo”, it means “beware! It is spicy!” The Seafood Diablo from Amici’s new menu however, was not too spicy but super delicious. The seafood flavour was amazing and we are definitely coming back for more!!


The Italian Burger– PHP 368.00

So what makes this burger an “Italian Burger?” It’s with the beef patty that was made with Italian sausage and seasonings.


So, did we like it? Of course! I definitely recommend you to get this for lunch in case you are eating alone because it’s a complete meal already. It has onion rings, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce and tomatoes between butter toasted brioche buns. The potato wedges on the side were a perfect match. It was so delicious especially when dipped in tomato ketchup.


Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza – PHP 468.00

It’s the newest pizza from their menu: made special with the following toppings: spicy Italian sausage, asiago cheese, mozzarella and caramelized onions. And yes, it was really spicy so you have to balance out the overall taste with the sweetness of honey. I love this unique pizza creation!


Bistecca Striploin Steak  – PHP 795.00 (choose 2 side dishes: rice pilaf, baked potatoes, mixed vegetables or sauteed mushrooms)

I was very happy to find this at Amici –  mouthwatering, juicy and tender steak! Try their Bistecca Striploin Steak: thin slices of beef cooked into perfection. A true winner for real steak lovers! And for the price, it’s still budget friendly because the serving was actually enough for 2 people.


Slightly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside that melts in your mouth. The meat was fresh and we can’t stop thinking about having it for dinner while writing this review.


Lastly for dessert, we tried the newest gelato flavor that has arrived in Caramia stores. This Matcha gelato has the best texture and aftertaste so far and I’m loving it. Can’t wait to hear your comments about this new fave!!!


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Thanks Chef Paolo for guiding us through the new dishes of Amici. The “flavourful” tour was certainly informative and very filling.  We are certainly coming back for more pasta dishes and pizzas!


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