Niche Cafe: New Favorite Hangout Place in Manila

Niche Cafe: New Favorite Hangout Place in Manila


The Niche Cafe is a new hangout spot in Manila along Robinsons Place Ermita that serves affordable snacks (burgers, fries, nachos) and drinks like Milk Tea and Coffee-based drinks.  The place is ideal for groups looking for a place to study, eat, play board / card games or just hang out.  There are small and intimate (semi-private) spots designated to each visitor or group to be able to spend time while eating and drinking.

The Niche Cafe

Address: 2nd Floor, Villareal Building, Building 1193, Maria Orosa St., Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open daily  from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Contact Number: +63 916 349 2725

The place is located at the second floor of Villareal building. It’s just a walking distance from Robinson’s Place Ermita (Faura), located at the front of Court of Appeals.


Visitors can stay in a small crib that offers a unique way to eat and relax.


A small table is available so you can put your items, laptop or food on it. There are pillows as well if in case you want to take nap.

These convenient stairs are ready to help you get to the top, if in case you want to stay at the upper level of the crib.


Here’s what it looks like when someone’s occupying a space. My spot is just perfect for solo visitors. The other areas as well can accommodate three to four people comfortably (depending on the chosen area). There are card games and some skill-based games available if in case you get bored. You can borrow them at the counter if not in use.


House Rules


Java Chip Frappe (22 oz.) – PHP 100.00

This coffee based drink is one of their best sellers and I definitely agree with it. It’s as delicious as what it looks like. The sweetness is just right and I can still taste the coffee base despite the super chocolatey flavour. The serving was super big, enough to satisfy my sweet / dessert cravings. There are smaller glasses available (16 oz.) if you know already that you can’t finish a big glass.

Oreo Frappe (22 oz.) – PHP 90.00

Another coffee based drink specially made with oreo bits. Love it as well!

Also, as you can see from the background, there are electric plugs available so that you can conveniently charge your cell phones and laptops anytime.


Winter Melon Milk Tea (22 oz.) – PHP 90.00

Milk tea lovers will definitely enjoy this one. Their version of the winter melon milk tea was not too sweet compared to the other popular variants from other establishments. I can even recognize the hint of winter melon (tastes like sugar cane) and the tea base was still enough to wake up my senses. The tapioca pearls are chewy and made fresh, enough to bring much attention to my palette.


Cheesy Meaty Nachos  – PHP 60.00

This snack is a total value for money! For just 60 pesos, you get to share this with 2 to 3 people and enjoy the crispiness of each nacho bite. The toppings are made of minced pork and beef, chilies and their super delicious cheesy sauce + ketchup.

Cheesy Fries – PHP 65.00

Another tasty treat for the whole barkada! We loved this cheesy fries topped with cheese sauce. Simple yet delicious.


Watson & Crick Cheeseburger with Bacon – PHP 110.00

This is their version of the all time favourite bacon cheeseburger. Very tasty and we loved the generous amount of super crispy bacon strips. And yes, the buns are really blue and we are loving it! Totally recommended!


 Aristotle Cheesy Mushroom Melt – PHP 120.00

This one is their version of the classic cheesy mushroom melt burger. Mar Ramos, one of the owners of the Niche Cafe is the number one fan of this variant. I must agree because the flavor of the melted cheese really brought life to the burger.

Newton Egg Burger with Cheese  – PHP 75.00

This is my favorite among all the burgers. For me, burger + egg = happiness. Words can’t explain how delicious this marriage of flavours was like.


They also serve these new Light Bulb Coolers (flavors depending on the day: red iced tea, restaurant blend iced tea, lemon cucumber, blue lemonade and lemonade). Currently as a promotion, it comes for free with every purchase of burger. It will cost PHP 25.00 per bottle starting March 2017.


They also offer free WiFi connection to their customers. Just ask for the password and you will be able to log in to their decent internet connection with download speed average of 2.70 Mbps and upload speed average of 0.50 Mbps.


Joining me in this picture are The Niche Cafe owners: Mar Angelo Ramos and Kassandra Masa. Congratulations to your new business! We hope to see you again soon!

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Indeed, The Niche Cafe is worth visiting especially for students and individuals who want to spend time studying, reading, eating, relaxing or just hanging out. The foods that they serve are super affordable and you will get exactly what you paid for. Check out their colorful burgers (I prefer the ones with egg or the one with bacon) and their cheesy, meaty nachos.

As from the time we have visited them, we can already see the trend of visitors coming from students around the area (University of the Philippines Manila, Manila Science High School, Araullo High School and Saint Paul University Manila) and it’s quite interesting. The drinks are awesome too! Make sure to try their special ice blended coffee drinks, milk tea and the all new light bulb coolers. We can’t wait to get back and try new additional items on their menu. I heard that they will also be serving rice / silog meals so watch out!

This review is the opinion of the author based on actual experience. The establishments may have changed in terms of ownership, prices, decor, service, food preparation and food presentation after the posting of this review. This is not meant to influence the reader’s decision.