Whether you like beer or not: why would you want to attend Oktoberfest Manila 2017?

Whether you like beer or not: why would you want to attend Oktoberfest Manila 2017?


For sure, we all know Oktoberfest as the world famous beer festival in Germany. It all started in 1810 in Munich, Bavaria. In the Philippines,  Pinoys began celebrating this popular event over 70 years ago. In Manila, it has been a tradition to celebrate the most authentic German beer festival in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila (yeap, the hotel where Barack Obama stayed during his visit in the PH).

Anyone can start their own #Oktoberfest (I can even host my own at my house) but if you are curious about the legit and meaningful feast, it’s definitely none other than the one created by the German Club, Manila Mark your calendars! Octoberfest 2017 is happening on October 6 to 7, 2017 at Sofitel’s expansive Harbor Garden Tent.

Months before being able to see Christmas trees in hotels and malls, we were able to witness a tree-like structure made with beer mugs during the Oktoberfest Manila 2017 grand kick off. Indeed it’s a sign! Oktoberfest 2017 is coming to Manila once again for a wonderful night of German food, music and unlimited San Miguel Beer.


And just to level up our excitement, everyone in the crowd learned how to dance the Bavarian way — choreographed by one of the board directors of German Club Manila, Mr. Michael Scheile.


As a part of the celebration, we were able to eat a lot of meat, including this classic Filipino pulutan called “Crispy Pata” , the German version of which is  “Pork Knuckles”. Expect more of these dishes at the Oktoberfest Manila!

OMG! Who would say no to grilled German sausages? Really meaty, delicious and filling! Sofitel has mastered the best way of creating these goodies!


This red cabbage salad is a perfect side dish for the German sausages.


And yes, I found a new favorite German food. This one is called the “German Potato Dumplings.” Perfectly paired with red cabbage and the other meaty dishes, this is indeed a good substitute to mashed potatoes. Very tasty and delicious!

This German ham was super tasty and rich. We enjoyed pairing it with pretzels.


…lots of pastries and bread!


For dessert, here’s our favorite: creamy custard with lots of fruits on the top.

And of course, the star of the celebration: San Miguel Beer which has been listed as one of the world’s best beers.



It’s not just about the pleasure and fun at Oktoberfest Manila. A part of what you spend on this event will help fund the German Club Manila Welfare Committee. They have various projects such as helping the blind, supporting hospitalized seriously ill children of poor families, feeding children in provinces in dire need of help as well as paying the tuition fees of deserving students whose parents cannot afford the expense.


So there you have it. Indeed, whether you like beer or not there are more reasons to attend the 79th Oktoberfest at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila — presented by the German Club Manila:

  1. Feast into authentic German food like roasted pork knuckles, roasted calf, laugen rolls, grilled German sausages and mouthwatering pastries
  2. Enjoy a unique music festival
  3. Meet new people from around the world
  4. Contribute to the community

For tickets and reservations please call the German Club Manila at +632 894 2899 or email at reservations@germanclub.ph. Also, Oktoberfest guests may book a weekend getaway at Sofitel. For inquiries, call them at +63 2 551 5555 or email at H6308@sofitel.com.

See you on October 6 – 7!

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