Organic Filipino Food in Quezon City

Organic Filipino Food in Quezon City


Nowadays, it’s hard to find delicious food with organic ingredients. When we say organic, the food is actually free of artificial additives, and processed with fewer artificial methods. Here in Quezon City, we are lucky to discover a farm-to-table restaurant called “Rolando’s”.

Rolando’s Farm to Table Restaurant

Address: 88 Road 1 Corner Alley 33, Project 6, Quezon City, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open daily  from 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Facebook Account
Contact Number: +63 2 350 4953


The restaurant is very spacious. Before entering the place, the lights will already set your mood for a sumptuous dinner.


The place is bright, very spacious and clean.


A colorful portrait of the restaurant owner, “Rolando” adorns a wall of the restaurant.

And yes, they also have acoustic nights here. During those times, the place transforms into a romantic dinner venue for couples.


There is a function room that is available for rent which fits around 25 persons.


The second floor area is dedicated for bigger events, parties and conferences. This would fit a maximum of 200 people.


Rolando’s has an open kitchen – a design feature we at Eat’s a Small World love. We are able to witness how they meticulously prepare the dishes we ordered.

We weren’t able to try their sushi the night we were there but the display looks promising. Maybe we have to check this out on our next visit. Check out the nice orange color of the salmon on the right part of  the picture.


Suam na MaisPHP 60.00 +

A Kapampangan specialty. Thick and creamy corn soup served super hot.  Delicious!


Ensaladang Mangga – PHP 130.00 +

This is my favourite salad!  The ingredients are fresh, perfectly paired with grilled and fried foods. Their “bagoong” (shrimp paste) is really mouthwatering.

Gising Gising – PHP 210.00 +

This Filipino favourite is giving us more reasons to eat vegetables. The beans were cooked to perfection (still crunchy) and the flavour of the coconut milk was super evident. The dish was not spicy at first, but you can always use the fresh chilies on the top for a hotter version of this Gising – Gising.


Super Pork Menudo  – PHP 280.00 +

This is not the traditional Menudo that mom always cooks at birthday parties or fiestas. Theirs has less to no tomato sauce at all and instead, the sauce has the full taste of pork liver. The fried potatoes and carrots on the top made it more special. The meat was tender and tasty. This was OK but I prefer the classic version with tomato sauce. My team mates loved it though.

Shrimp Okoy – PHP 120.00 +

This has been the best okoy ever! It’s crispy and your tongue won’t get pricked by the baby shrimps’ thorny head. Those thorny parts actually prevented me before from eating okoy. Wow! It’s perfectly paired with the vinegar mixture. This dish is totally a must try!


Suman Kamoteng Kahoy – PHP 130.00 +

We love this dessert! The sauce was sweet and it perfectly complemented the kamoteng kahoy (cassava).

Ice Cream Trio 

We also had yummy / imported ice cream for dessert.




The restroom was spacious and super clean. There is a bidet for your convenience.


Indeed, Rolando’s is a new restaurant in Quezon City that offers delicious and affordable organic food. We are so happy to discover them because nowadays, it is really hard to find an honest-to-goodness restaurant that serves fresh and healthy foods. We recommend to try their ensaladang manga or Rolando’s salad, lechon sisig, corn soup, shrimp okoy, gising gising and kalderetang baka. The restaurant is also pet-friendly so I will be brining my pet dog when I come back.


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