Palm Grill: Tomas Morato’s Best Chicken Dishes

Palm Grill: Tomas Morato’s Best Chicken Dishes


Restaurants that specialize in chicken have mushroomed all over mega Manila yet Palm Grill  is another one that we couldn’t help but try because our friend swore that this is different. So, our team went to Palm Grill in Tomas Morato so we could taste for ourselves their specialty.

Palm Grill

Address: 179 Tomas Morato Avenue, Scout Castor Quezon City, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open daily  from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Facebook Account
Contact Number: +63 919 492 1118

There was a sidewalk “make-over” being conducted by the Quezon City government when we visited Palm Grill. This is good news because it meant that the Tomas Morato strip of restaurants and bars have regular upkeep and is always well maintained. Palm Grill’s location is excellent because it is in the corner of the building and therefore, has two sides for natural light to enter. At night, you can hardly miss it because it is the brightest establishment on your left if you are along Morato Ave. coming from E. Rodriguez Ave. If you are coming from Timog Ave, it is on the right side of Morato. It is very attractive actually.

Palm Grill is one of the very few restaurants in Morato Ave that have parking spaces. If the front parking is full, the side street is available. No parking hassles here. It also employs a guard to ward of crooks. You feel safe.


As soon as we got in, the interior design immediately caught our attention. In today’s time, the luxury of having a high ceiling is almost nil because every possible space has become so valuable. All spaces must bring revenue BUT not at Palm Grill. It has a high ceiling which gave it an airy feel – we found ourselves saying “Wow“.  The filament tungsten bulbs cast a cozy, warm glow on the diners. Beautiful narra planks with lovely grains covered one part of the restaurant’s wall from floor to ceiling. A patch of faux grass was added to break the monotony. Nice touch indeed.

Do you see that stairway on the left side of the photo? Well, we “trespassed” that area to see what will surprise us.

It was a loft – again a “wow” factor because it gave us a new option for celebrating special events. This time, the metal chairs are in lemon-citrine. Comfortably, at least 40-50 people can enjoy the place.


One side of the loft had this impressive mural of palms of various species and in different colors. So hip!

Actually, when the need arises, this loft is opened to accommodate the overflow of diners on the ground floor.


But wait – there’s more! (LOL)….the loft has a terrace good for an additional 12-16 people (approx). This is perfect for our friends who are smokers. Seems like we will be celebrating our birthday here this year!

The furniture used are imported. Very “IKEA” actually. The gun-metal colored steel chairs complemented the wooden tables which had really beautiful grains on them. The modern tiles that looked like concrete in raw finish was a nice choice.  You will immediately know that the owners are young and obviously, have good taste. We immediately fell in love with the interior design. It was so “young”.


Going back to the ground floor, Palm Grill has this “show kitchen” which is always a welcome feature for the EAT’s a Small World Team because you can see how the kitchen is maintained. Obviously, Palm Grill’s kitchen is bright, shiny and squeaky clean.

Now that we have given you an “ocular inspection” of Palm Grill’s interiors, let us now proceed to the “meat” of this article – the food and beverage review. We were actually very excited to try their food because we heard that their chicken dishes are products of “heirloom recipes” dating back to the great grandmother of one of the owners (ca.1930’s). This means that there are no instant chicken cube, no “magic whatever” mix, no ready mix seasoning and whatnot was used as an ingredient. Remember, these things did not exist in the 1930’s.


Iced Tea – PHP 40.00 (upgrade to unlimited for PHP 80.00)

So refreshing!

Lemonade – PHP 40.00 (upgrade to unlimited for PHP 80.00)

Perfect for the summer heat, you may want to upgrade to bottomless if one glass is not enough.


The Green Chicken (1 Whole, comes with 3 sides) – PHP 649.00

The pride of Palm Grill is this grilled chicken and it’s not your ordinary dish. First of all, it’s organic and made with natural ingredients. Second, it’s flavoured with coconut milk and a lot of herbs and spices thus, making it super rich and flavorful.  This reminds me of the classic Tausug dish called Chicken Pyanggang and from my experience, each bite was incredibly tasty and to die for. Third, it’s grilled and slow cooked to perfection, leaving each tender bite with a unique smoky flavour. Totally recommended!

By the way, we just love their glazed ceramic plates.


The green chicken sauce was amazing. I can’t find the perfect word to describe how delicious and mouthwatering it was! Actually, one of us was treating it like it was a soup (!), the same way some Pinoys drink the gravy made by that popular colonel in white suit.


The Olympus Roast Chicken (1 Whole, comes with 3 sides) – PHP 649.00

Another chicken dish that Palm Grill is proud of,  the Olympus Roast Chicken has become my instant favourite, primarily because of the sweet and tangy peanut sauce. Undeniably, it’s like the marriage of Lechon Manok + Kare Kare (minus the bagoong) and I am really in loved with both. The result was incredibly appetizing and it makes me want to eat this one whole chicken dish alone. I love it and I will come back for this one!

The ohh-so-yummy peanut sauce of the Olympus Roast Chicken made me selfish. It was so good I didn’t want to share it with my seatmates. I just wanted it for my very own! How I wish I can take home one pint of this. Honestly, sauce pa lang, ulam na!


The Oswalda’s Fried Chicken (1 Whole, comes with 3 sides) – PHP 649.00

Another specialty is the classic fried chicken named after one of the owner’s grandmother, “Oswalda Cabel.” If you miss the traditional / home cooked fried chicken, well, this one’s for you. It was crispy on the outside and the meat was super tender on the inside. We enjoyed eating it (brings a lot of memories back home). It’s perfect without any thick breading and salty batter.


Pair each bite of their fried chicken with the homemade gravy sauce as recommended. Although, I wonder how it tastes like if they have tomato ketchup as another choice of sauce? Actually, we preferred to dip the chicken on this yummy gravy.

Labuyo Chicken – PHP 149.00

Last but not the least, is not your ordinary buffalo wing. The Labuyo Chicken was zesty and spicy but it was also full of umami and meaty flavours. Undeniably, it can beat the hell out of the famous buffalo wing stores around Metro Manila. It was made with labuyo so I managed to eat it last to make sure it won’t affect the taste of the first 3 dishes. The only problem is that I was already full when I tasted this one but thankfully, I was still able to taste 1 wing part. Arnold and Uriel loved the “spicy bite” of this dish. They love it when they perspire while eating spicy food with hot rice – it really perks up their appetite. Definitely, this will be one of the main reasons why we will keep coming back to Palm Grill.


Turmeric Rice – PHP 60.00

This turmeric rice was made with pure love. A perfect match to all four chicken dishes, this healthy serving of rice made me consume 2 cups that night even though I only wanted to eat half cup for each meal. Hello gym, expect me to be there tomorrow!


Sweet and Tangy Melon Slaw – PHP 60.00

A good slaw should be light and fresh. Good thing, they served this refreshing melon slaw with lots of crisp veggies and onions to help us cleanse our palate after each dish.

Cucumber Salad – PHP 60.00

Crunchy and refreshing, this bestseller goes well with their chicken dishes.


Momma’s Macaroni Salad – PHP 60.00

Another homey side dish from Palm Grill, the Macaroni pasta was cooked al dente and the sauce was creamy and delicious. The extra cheese on the top helped provide enough saltiness to the salad. There are also raisins and pieces of carrots. I was thinking of adding a sprinkle of fresh onions and pineapple chunks to make it more special.


Roasted Cauliflower with Orange Slices – PHP 60.00

This is another “heirloom recipe” which we found special. We love the combination of the cauliflower, red onions, and the sweet oranges. The salty-sour flavor whet our palates.

There’s always room for desserts. Surprisingly, Palm Grill did not just use coconut as a main ingredient for their rock star chicken dish, but also for their “CocoRoons” dessert. It was so reminiscent to the classic macaroons that we loved from the bakeshops around the city. However, this one is different because you know it’s homemade. The desiccated coconut used was not microscopic like the ones found in that popular bakeshop. Therefore, while chewing this macaroon, it will produce an additional “gata (coconut milk) as our teeth “grinds” the coconut, making the macaroon really creamy and malinamnam.    It’s the perfect dessert after eating their best selling chicken dishes.


No need to wait for Christmas to taste the traditional Pinoy Fruit Salad from mom again. We are so happy to discover that they serve it here at Palm Grill. Trust me, it tastes the same fruit salad our moms prepare during the holidays which explains why this was named as such. Isn’t it so truthful? Isn’t it so sincere?



The speed of their free WiFi was fast enough to post my food photo albums in Facebook.

Here is their menu:

Page 1 of their Menu.


Page 2 of their Menu.

If you are a follower of Eat’s a Small World, you will know that we also review this intimate room. So here it is:

The restroom was a part of the restaurant’s total masterpiece. It was well designed, clean, spacious and ingeniously artistic. Industrial type, raw (intentional) and modern. It also smelled fresh because of the oil burner with essence of lemon grass oil on it. Cool!

A metal pipe was used as a toilet paper dispenser. Interesting!

Map Location:

It’s in the corner of Scout Castor and Tomas Morato, just beside Project Pie Tomas Morato. We will update this map once the place gets available in Google.

For the first time, the team of Eat’s a Small World is complete in this picture and we posed proudly with one of the owners who was there that night. From left: Uriel, Kevin, GMA 7’s pride and Palm Grill co-owner Nelson Canlas and Arnold.

However, more than anything else, it was really the welcoming reception that made us fall in love with the place. From the welcome greeting of their security guard, to the warm smiles and efficient service from the servers, Palm Grill’s customer service is just excellent. Palm Grill co-owner Miguel Moreno would hop from one table to another to personally check on diners – a scene not so common these days.


Now what shall we advise you about Palm Grill? Shall we tell you to visit the place and try their dishes? A big YES. You just have to try their chicken dishes made from “heirloom recipes“. The meat of their chicken falls off the bone! How tender can that be?

Is their service good? It certainly is. One of the owners is always there to ensure that diners are well attended to.

Is the place nice? Absolutely. It exudes a breath of fresh air. As mentioned earlier, it is “young”. No clutter. Very clean. Very hip.

Will our team come back again? Certainly. As a matter of fact, we already returned to try their chicken dishes again last Black Saturday because we couldn’t forget how delicious their sauces are and how the meat of the chicken falls off the bone (sorry for the redundancy but it’s just the truth). Best to bring your family and friends for a really hearty meal.

This review is the opinion of the author based on actual experience. The establishment may have changed in terms of ownership, prices, decor, service, food preparation and food presentation after the posting of this review. This is not meant to influence the reader’s decision.

Thank you.

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