Pista Food Hall: Traditional Filipino Dishes at the Heart of Baclaran

Pista Food Hall: Traditional Filipino Dishes at the Heart of Baclaran


Pista Food Hall is a new food concept by Chef Jonvic Mangibin that offers a wide selection of affordable Filipino food specialties at the heart of Baclaran, Paranaque City. We were surprised because of its location (almost in front of the famous Baclaran church) since almost all of the restaurants nearby are just fast food chains – perhaps that’s what makes them special.

Pista Food Hall

Address: 5th floor Victory Food Mall, Redemptorist rd, Baclaran, Parañaque, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open daily  from
Facebook Accounthttps://www.facebook.com/pistafoodhall/
Contact Number: +63 9998911775 and +63 9564477951


Here’s the new Victory Food Market building (walking distance from Baclaran church). There are a few parking spaces for about 3 cars. Also, Baclaran church offers free parking for the first few hours. There’s an elevator so there is no need to worry about reaching the fifth floor of the building.


Victory Food Market is a new mini mall in Baclaran. I was actually surprised to find this place.  It is perfect for after mass bonding with the family. There are so many good options here.


The place is big and well ventilated.  The interiors are modern Filipino. The rattan lamps and chairs are just lovely.

The Malaga tiles reminded me of our ancestral house in Pampangga. It blended wonderfully with the modern furniture.


Wood planks, Malaga tiles, rattan furniture and modern interior design were ingeniously combined to give a rustic yet modern ambiance.


There are several food stations that feature different sub-groups of Filipino Food. Allow us to introduce to you each of them and we’ll be showing as well some of the specialty foods that they offer.

The Kalye Kainan Food Stall offers various takes on different Filipino street food items.


We enjoyed eating these fishballs, kikiam and lumpia combination for appetizer.


For those who like the famous street-food chicken skin, there’s Chicken Skin Chicharon with Red Bean Vinegar.


I remembered our favourite snack when we were in college: instant pancit canton with boiled egg. Pista Food Hall reminded us this very affordable and iconic snack through their Pancit Canton with Fried Egg. We love this healthier version with fresh and crunchy vegetables. Yummy!

The IHAW Station offers several grilled foods(barbecue, parilla, pyanggang) and sizzling dishes.


Isaw, Baticolon, Atay, Puso, Pork BBQ, Chicken Parilla, Mais, Saging. What more can you ask for?


They also offer the all time Filipino favourite Sizzing Sisig.

This was the Sizzling Crispy Belly Sinigang. Yes, this is their very own version and I loved it. The sourness of the sauce was just right and we enjoyed eating it with the tender meat and siling berde.


The Litsonero Station on the other hand brought together the different Litson dishes around the country.


Slow Cooked Litson Belly with Atcharang Papaya at Labanos. OMG! This was very sinful but super delicious! Can you imagine how crispy the skin was? We ate it almost an hour after it was served and yet, it was still crispy and fresh looking. Definitely recommended!


They also serve this Filipino – Chinese favourite Pork Asado.

This was one of the crowd favourites. Their Litson Manok was very simple yet irresistible. It was made with the basic spices and condiments: garlic, soy and calamansi.  The meat was extremely tender and juicy. Each bite was indeed pure pleasure.


Higop as the name implies “the act of slurping” (a soup for example), offers variety of Filipino soup-based dishes.


One of the things that I look forward whenever I come to a Filipino restaurant are the soup-based dishes. This Tinola version was super unique and delightful. One of the main ingredients was burnt coconut and indeed it was truly flavourful.  I really can’t stop slurping the thick soup! Don’t ever miss this one.

Isn’t it obvious that we enjoyed drinking the soup of this Batchoy a la Maskara? It’s perfect for the rainy weather or for those who are longing for warm soup and noodles.


There’s also Fresh Seafood Paluto for those who love the flavours of the sea.


This Seafood Boil has fresh shrimps (PHP 389.00 per pound) cooked “halabos” style and made special with corn, baby potatoes and butter. You can also order another bag with crabs in it for PHP 399.00 per pound. I love this one! The flavours are bursting inside my mouth and all I can say was: “Ang sarap!”

Another seafood specialty from Paluto was the Alimango with chilies and lime. The thick sauce on the top makes it very special and tasty.


Haven’t tried this Live Hito that is deep fried with labuyo and garlic sauce but it certainly looks delicious. When I come back, I will make sure that I will try this one.


The Mangkok station specializes in Kare Kare dishes, Silog Meals and various Ulam.


A Pinoy restaurant won’t be complete without Kare Kare. I must insist! It’s my favourite dish of all time and a comfort food. Gladly, Pista Food Hall did not disappoint me and I will always come back to Baclaran because of this. The sauce was thick and the peanut flavour was very evident. The vegetables were fresh and the Angus Beef (Did I say Angus Beef? Yes!) was super tender and juicy. I forgot to take a picture (this photo was grabbed from their FB account), because it was the only food that made me indulge on it as soon as it was served.

The Balai Kubo offers local vegetable dishes using best and in season ingredients.


After all the dishes that we have eaten, we can’t say no to this delicious looking and refreshing Halo Halo treat. We love it with soft ice cream on top!


So there you go. You can go solo and order a meal + unli rice for PHP 99.00 or invite your friends and grab the salo salo meals for 4 (that’s PHP 599.00). However, if you are visiting on a Wednesday or a weekend, try their sulit Eat All You Can promo for only PHP 280.00  per head. For this incredibly low price, you’ll get to taste the unique flavours from each of the stations from Pista Food Hall. Truly, a one of a kind Filipino food feast!

Pista Food Hall will never be successful without the help of their beautiful and well dressed staff. They always wear a smile on their faces and they seem to greet anybody that they encounter. We liked the kind of service that they have here: always willing to move an extra mile to make customers happy. 🙂


Their hand washing station is super accessible in order to encourage everyone to wash their hands before eating. This is a must because most of us Filipinos love to eat with bare hands.


The restroom was well-kept and tidy.


At the top of Pista Food Hall is another area that is open for everybody. There’s a karaoke station as well for those who would love to sing. Also, it looks conducive to a drinking spree with friends. The furniture is nice. You can bring your your pets here as long as they have a leash.


At the rooftop, you will have a view of the Baclaran neighborhood, including the church.

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I recommend Pista Food Hall for those who love Filipino food. Some of their dishes are made traditionally but most of them are modified with a twist (which I find very innovative and interesting). The flavours of the food are bold and reminiscent of what mom usually cooked for us at home. It’s a perfect venue to treat OFWs and our fellow Kababayan’s who really miss home cooked food from the Philippines. The price range is around PHP 200.00 to PHP 300.00 per head depending on how many dishes you would want to taste.

As the name of the place implies, indeed it’s a feast everyday here at Pista Food Hall. Visit them soon, post photos on social media and tag us: #eatsasmallworld and #PistaFoodHall.


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