The Iconic Rose Bowl Restaurant of Baguio City

The Iconic Rose Bowl Restaurant of Baguio City


I was in elementary  when I first came across Rose Bowl Restaurant in Baguio City. Every so often, my parents would take me and my siblings to this wonderful city and each time we were there, we would always go to Rose Bowl Restaurant. It’s location then was perfect because after strolling, biking and doing all those kiddie stuff in Burnham Park, my family and I would just cross Harrison Road to have a hearty meal at Rose Bowl. It is said that, “a trip to Baguio is not complete if you don’t eat at Rose Bowl”. Over the years though, the cityscape of Baguio changed and Rose Bowl moved to a better, more private location and with more parking spaces in General Luna Road.

Rose Bowl Steakhouse and Restaurant

Address: 88 Upper General Luna Road, Baguio City, 2600
Contact Nos: +74 442 4213 , +74 442 5374
Operating Hours: Open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

You can’t miss Rose Bowl Restaurant along Gen. Luna Road because there are always a lot of cars parked in front of the restaurant.


If the facade parking is already full, there is a basement parking which could accommodate at least 10 more cars.


Lovely Chinese vases with beautiful dendrobiums, vandas and cymbidiums greet diners as they enter the restaurant. This is one of the reasons why we love Baguio City…it is easy for flowers to bloom there because of the fine weather and come March to May, the place is abloom with wonderful flowers.


A huge bas relief of Chinese goddesses gives you a hint that you are in for a delicious Chinese culinary experience.


As we entered the main dining area, this huge Chinese porcelain vase caught my attention. I love oriental art and this intricately designed vase is without doubt, a wonderful piece.


We arrived at the restaurant for “brunch” and we intentionally did this because had we arrived at lunchtime, the place would’ve been full. Rose Bowl has a loyal following and we are proud to belong to that group.  Every time we come here, we make sure that we are wearing comfortable clothes (NOT house clothes/pambahay) and footwear (NOT flipflops/tsinelas) so that we will fully enjoy our meal. The place is not pretentious and therefore, don’t expect anything fancy. They are just proud of their food and that’s it. I remember in 2010 when we were up in Baguio and it was being beaten by a storm. We were having dinner at Rose Bowl Restaurant and we thought that a hot Ho To Tay soup will be a good match for the cold and rainy night we were experiencing that night and we couldn’t have been more correct. Up to this day, I still remember the vision of that soup ladle being dipped into the soup tureen then onto my bowl while a trail of smoke followed the hot soup. Whew!

So now, let me tease you with our all-time favorite dishes. They have become our favorite because they are flavorful and reasonably priced.



Crabmeat Fo Yong – PHP 309.00


Unlike other Crabmeat Fo Yong, this one has lots of crab meat. The usual carrots, onions, potatoes, etc are also inside this wonderful “dome” of beaten eggs. Comfort food indeed! 🙂

Pata Tim (steamed pork leg) 1/2 PHP 279.00 


The delicious Pata Tim was served under a ‘blanket” of fresh spinach. Then, as we slowly removed the spinach, it revealed a pork meat so tender that it seemed to “collapse” on my fork. I don’t eat (or at least I avoid) chicken skin and pork skin because of my hypertension but this time, I made an exception. It is in Rose Bowl that I cheat on my diet because the Pata Tim skin seems to “melt in my mouth”, then, there is that  sauce that is just so “wickedly delicious” that I can’t help but succumb to its lure. Thank God I brought my meds with me. Ha, ha, ha!


Sweet and Sour Shrimps – PHP 399.50

This dish reminds me of how my mom would cook “camaron rebusado” and that is why this is quite a sentimental favorite. It is best eaten when served piping hot because the batter is crispy.  We specified that the sweet and sour sauce will not be doused on the shrimps because if they did, it will be “Sweet and Sour Shrimps”…what I wanted was “camaron rebusado” and that was what they did.


So you may have an idea on what to order and how much are the prices, here is their menu:


















So there you have it – the iconic Rose Bowl Restaurant of Baguio City where you should go for delicious Chinese cuisine at very reasonable prices. The place was clean. The waiters were courteous and food was delivered on time. We need not say what our recommendations are because it is quite obvious that we love Rose Bowl.

By the way, there is also a Rose Bowl Steakhouse and Restaurant in Bauang, La Union and yes, these two restaurants are owned by the same family. This is your assurance that food quality is good – if not, even better. 🙂



This review is the opinion of the author based on actual experience. The establishment may have changed in terms of ownership, prices, decor, service, food preparation and food presentation after the posting of this review. This is not meant to influence the reader’s decision.