I Tried Shakeaway and I Can’t Stop Wanting for More

I Tried Shakeaway and I Can’t Stop Wanting for More


Shakeaway is the world’s largest milkshake bar company and the original re-inventor of the milkshake since 1993. Its first store opened in the UK and today, it has over 50 branches worldwide. Based on what I have learned, they have over 180 different ingredients such as local and imported chocolates, candies, fresh fruits and a lot more to create various wonderful Milkshake combinations. Isn’t that exciting?



Address: 4F Uptown Mall 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philipines
Operating Hours:  Open daily  from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Facebook Accounthttps://www.facebook.com/ShakeawayPhilippines
Contact Number: +63 2 9602231

They also have a branch in UP Town Center Quezon City.


When we went inside the store, I swear — it was totally overwhelming! The chocolate and candy displays are so tempting! My heart says “I want it all!” Thankfully, I was informed by my friend Mary Love to avoid choosing a lot of toppings. Indeed, we should be careful enough not to order a lot of flavours and add-ons to be able to taste the distinct outcomes of our creation.


The milkshake flavours are split into various categories ranging from fruity to chocolatey, cakey to biscuity, sweety to soda-ish, and everything else in-between. All milkshakes can be made using vanilla ice cream or 100% fat-free frozen yoghurt.

For those who just can’t choose which one to try, there is Shakeaway’s super popular “named shakes” to make their decision a little easier.

Also, for those who are living a healthy lifestyle, Shakeaway offers a fit and healthy range of milkshakes made from fat-free yoghurt and lower calorie ingredients and yes (!), even fresh greens like kale, cucumber, spinach, ginger and a lot more.



Protein Patty (Peanut Butter & Banana) – PHP 250.00 (regular), PHP 310.00 (large)

I ordered this milkshake from their “New Spring” menu. It was reminiscent of that peanut butter and banana milkshake from another brand. However, this can be easily customized because Shakeaway lets us choose our favourite topping/s. I asked them to put Maltesers on the top for an added crunchy texture. I love this creamy blend!


Sol (Mango & Graham Crackers) – PHP 250.00 (regular), PHP 310.00 (large)

If you love the classic refrigerated mango cake that mommies make at home, then this one’s for you. There’s whip cream on top for added indulgence.



Custom-made using only 100% non fat yoghurt. Single serve cups with first flavour included cost PHP 190.00 for a regular cup and PHP 250.00 for a large cup. Extra cost applies for additional flavour / topping.

They have specially named frozen yoghurt cups starting at PHP 250.00 if you don’t feel like creating your own dessert. 

Georgie (strawberries with swirl of cream & sprinkle of cadbury flake ) – PHP 250.00 (regular), PHP 310.00 (large)

Here’s what I liked about their frozen yoghurt: it’s 100% fat free. Indeed, I can splurge on extra “calories” and add more pleasurable toppings. A sprinkle of sinful chocolates won’t kill right? Tongue-in-cheek… ha ha!


Hand made to order youghurt (first flavor is included, add PHP 60.00 for extra flavour) – PHP 190.00 (regular)

This time, I get to decide what to put on my frozen yoghurt. So here’s what I got: mangoes, peaches and brownies! OMG! It was so deliciously addicting! I mean, it looked good on this photo but it tasted a lot better! Additionally, Shakeaway will directly put the dessert on a machine to mix the toppings well (imagine McFlurry from McDo) to make sure that each spoonful of froyo has enough serving of fruits and brownies.



Alice (mango and strawberry flavours topped with fresh kiwi and strawberries ) – PHP 220.00

This was totally refreshing! Usually, the flavours from Korean stores (bingsu) are more chocolatey / milky. However, this re-invented shaved ice dessert from Shakeaway was very fruity and yummy!


I really had fun tasting a few of what Shakeaway Philippines has to offer. Remember, there are so many combinations possible, so there will always be a good reason to come back.

I love their milkshakes but my favourite will always be the custom made frozen yoghurt desserts. Try it soon, post some pics online and let us know your experience by tagging #eatsasmallworld !

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