Where to Eat Fresh Eel in Manila

Where to Eat Fresh Eel in Manila


When we talk about Japanese food, we always think of sushi, tempura, ramen, etc. However, the Japanese also enjoy eating eel; a fish that is commonly found in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam and even here in the Philippines. The end of July (which marks the start of the summer season in Japan) is the beginning of the Unagi or Eel Festival. This has been a tradition that started during the Edo period when the Japanese people would eat eel during the hot summer months in order to regain energy and stamina. Join us, as we feature this unique celebration as Izakaya Sensu by Raintree Restaurants launches their new Unagi Festival inspired dishes in BGC Taguig .

Izakaya Sensu

Address: G/F Net Park Buiding 5th avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open daily  from 11:30 AM to 1:00 AM
Facebook Accounthttps://www.facebook.com/RaintreeSensu/
Contact Number: +63 2 282 0442


The casual vibe of the place and the traditional Japanese art hanging on the wall blended beautifully with the lighting.


We were so intrigued on this “Daruma” doll. What’s the story behind it?


The bar was pretty much simple and straightforward. Visitors get to witness how some of their foods are prepared. This really made us excited as we were able to witness how they cut a live eel – the main ingredient to the dishes we will be having for lunch. This kind of set up is popular all over Japan.

We were so amazed by the precise method of preparing fresh eel by Chef Yuki Haruo.


Traditional Japanese blue and whites… just beautiful.


Uzaku (Unagi and Vinegared Cucumber Salad) – PHP 350.00  +

This salad was an instant favourite during the launch of their Unagi Festival menu. It was super refreshing and light, perfect to set up our mood to eat more  eel.

Unagi Bo-Sushi – PHP 425.00  +

We love sushi! And we are so glad to discover that eel tastes well with Japanese vinegared rice.


Unagi Chawammushi – PHP 220.00  +

Doesn’t it look amazing? The Japanese steamed egg custard goes well with eel meat. Also, the wasabi on the top was really necessary for that familiar “sting”! Make sure to eat it as well.

Unagi Shira-Yaki – PHP 650.00  +

This was the total deal! Freshly grilled eel with the perfect smokey after taste, seasoned well with soy sauce that significantly improved the flavour. We love it!


Unagi Tempura – PHP 620.00  +

Now this one’s the main reason why we will be coming back for more eel dishes at Izakaya Sensu. This by far has been the safest and most popular choice for those who haven’t tried unagi or eel yet. Most people love tempura, and who would have thought that it would make a good comfort food when mixed with eel? Also, the okra tempura was delicious! We don’t usually eat okra but this one’s really an exception.


Kurikara – PHP 80.00 +

Another crowd favourite, these grilled eel stick goes well with a glass of sake (Japanese wine).

Una-Don – PHP 620.00  +

This Japanese rice bowl topped with unagi is perfect for lunch / dinner.


Umaki – PHP 400.00  +

Those who love omelette will truly enjoy eating this one. It was so soft and yummy, each bite was filled with fresh tasting and sweet blend of eel meat.


I’m not a drinker so this was my first time to try sake (Japanese rice wine), and definitely, it won’t be the last. I enjoyed pairing it with the unagi sticks, indeed a perfect match! The balance of sweetness and bitterness was incredible, I couldn’t stop myself for having another glass.

To end our unagi feast, I ordered a cup of Matcha Latte Shake. It was so delicious and refreshing and it has chocolate syrup, yay!




Their restroom was incredibly clean and I love the painting of a vintage Japanese beer print ad on the wall.

So there you go. Definitely, when someone asks me where to eat eel in Metro Manila, I know for sure that Izakaya Sensu won’t put my name to shame whenever I recommend it. One thing I loved most about their unagi menu is that they source their eel from local producers, ensuring the freshness of their dishes. Nothing is frozen for a long time.

We will be back to discover more unagi dishes and Japanese favourites.

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