AIRASIA is now serving a LIFE-SAVING IN-FLIGHT MEAL and it’s RED!

AIRASIA is now serving a LIFE-SAVING IN-FLIGHT MEAL and it’s RED!


AirAsia passengers!  There are more reasons to eat while traveling through the air! Whether it’s a domestic flight, a trip to Europe or to the Americas, you will definitely want to reward yourself with a delicious and “LIFE-SAVING MEAL” from AirAsia and Santan called “INSPI(RED) BURGER.”


Join me and together we will discover a new and exciting way to make your flight more memorable with this new treat from Air Asia!  Presenting……


The INSPI(RED) burger!

This really eye-catching burger is so intriguing. The color of the bread alone will tease your palate. It’s new and daring and since I got wind of this very good news, I pre-ordered three (3) pieces!


The buns itself look super interesting because it’s made with red beetroot. A lot of people are asking me if it’s spicy. The answer is, yes,  it is “deliciously spicy”. Also, it was served hot so I am really impressed. It absolutely whet my appetite.


Take a look at that burger!  Doesn’t it tease your taste buds?  No less than New York-based Chef Hong Thaimee crafted  this truly “East-meets-West” burger that is unquestionably a whole new experience with each bite. It’s made with chicken patty infused with fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass, topped with zesty nam prik noom mayo (green chilli mayonnaise to us), shredded purple cabbage and fresh tomato. It’s almost a haute cuisine!

It comes with a slogan, if you’ll back read – “life-saving meal” was how it was introduced. Now, how on earth can a burger save lives? Well, this is how it saves lives: for every INSPI(RED) Burger sold, 10% of sales will go to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, treatment and prevention programs in the ASEAN region. Short and concise. So, now you know that you don’t only satisfy your tummy when you eat this but you also contribute in HIV/AIDS awareness. This can save our own lives and the lives of people we love.


Just look at these goodies!  All of these are available as in-flight meals! Now I am having a hard time what to choose when I go back to Manila.


I also tried their Salisbury Steak and I am impressed with the tenderness of the beef patty. It was so flavorful! I also love their merienda style cinnamon rolls. It’s sweet and the bread quality is nice. Super lambot!

Indeed, saving lives have never been this fun,  easy and…..deeelicious!

Book your flights now on and reserve your in-flight meals ASAP and save money too! Your loved ones will be truly surprised when Air Asia’s cabin crew serves them these yummies.


PS – airport experience has been super fun! Although a lot of people already know about it, I still want to boast that NAIA Terminal 4 boarding area for AirAsia has the following special details:


There’s a charging station to make sure you have a fully charged battery before and during your flight. So convenient, right?


There’s hot and cold drinking water for everyone.


And their restroom is super clean and each toilet bowl is paired with a bidet! I love it!


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