Chinatown’s Best Food – A Modern Approach on Chinese Food

Chinatown’s Best Food – A Modern Approach on Chinese Food


Let’s admit it. We Filipinos love Chinese food! It has simply become a staple in Filipino cuisine. It’s delicious, affordable and different. Chinatown’s Best Food perfectly represents those words. Situated in Banawe, Quezon city. Chinatown’s Best Food is unlike any other traditional chinese restaurant. Immediately upon entering the establishment you will notice the difference between it and many other Chinese restaurants.

Chinatown’s Best Food

Address: 589 Banawe Corner Don Manuel Agregado Street, Santa Mesa Heights, Quezon City, Philippines
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Contact Number: +63 2 246 9069


Not only does it stray from the traditional color “red” which is present in like 95% of Chinese restaurants these days. But it also uses a mixture of unique colors which is extremely easy on the eyes and  gives the restaurant a fresh and modern look. It’s like a breath of fresh air!


The elegant looking buffet area is located on the 2nd floor. It is bright and pleasing to look at. They have anything you can think of: salad bars, crabs dimsum and even their own halo-halo station on the side.

Overview of their bestsellers


Minced Pork with LettucePHP 288.00 ++

A great meal starter! Stir-fried of seasoned minced pork with onions, carrots and other vegetables on a bed of kropek strings.


Pork giniling wrapped in fresh lettuce! Sarap!

Slow Braised Pork Leg (Braised Patatim) – PHP 560.00 ++

Here’s the savory, tender and mouth watering patatim. A whole pork shank mixed with mushroom and soy-based marinade. The skin melts in your mouth and the meat just falls off the bone. A signature dish of Chinatown’s Best Food.


Golden Shrimp Balls – PHP 338.00 ++

Also one of their signature dishes! Freshly minced shrimp seasoned with rice wine and “secret” spices rolled in croutons. This dish is very unique in both flavor and texture. Its exterior is really crunchy and satisfying to munch on but its interior is a different story. Your palate will be greeted by a somewhat-creamy inside filled with delicious shrimp. Definitely a must try!


Fried Seafood Roll with Mayo – PHP 310.00 ++

Don’t be deceived its looks! It may look like any other seafood roll but what makes me recommend this particular dish is the mixture of poached shrimps, squid, fish and crab sticks. 10 out of 10.

Stuffed Chicken – PHP 650.00 ++

Chinatown’s Best Food’s version of  “Rellenong Manok”. A special dish that is needed to be ordered in advance and is normally served on occasions. The whole chicken is deboned, the dark meat is sautéed with sticky rice, shiitake mushrooms, lotus seeds and dried shrimps. The entire chicken is covered in their oyster sauce based gravy. This will stuff your stomach guaranteed!


Shrimp Foo Yong – PHP 288.00 ++

This has got to be our all time favorites among all Chinese inspired dishes. A very simple omelette dish that’s so comforting with generous shrimp pieces and mushroom slices. Best eaten while it’s super hot!

Sauteed Shrimp Szechuan Style – PHP 310.00 ++

The sauteed shrimp pieces are super spicy with a little hint of sweetness. If there’s something to improve with this dish, it’s the tenderness of the meat.




So do we recommend Chinatown’s Best Food? Absolutely! The looks, ambiance and the food is great! We recommend that you try their signature dishes like the shrimp foo yong, stuffed chicken and minced pork which brought them the fame they are now enjoying. Hopefully they would bring back their lomi which was their main attraction long ago.

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