The Best Cafe Mocha in SM North EDSA!

The Best Cafe Mocha in SM North EDSA!


What’s your ideal coffee shop? To me, as long as it serves good coffee and has a great selection of food and drinks then it should be fine.  When I found “Dark Specialty Coffee” I knew there is something special. Join me as I discover the unique charm of this coffee shop that serves coffee and chocolate drinks that are sourced from local Filipino farmers.


Dark Specialty Coffee

Address: Second Floor, Main Building, SM City North EDSA, Bago Bantay, Quezon City, Philippines
Facebook Page:
Contact Number: 0925 730 2788


The coffee shop is located inside the concept store of Onesimus SM North EDSA. It’s my first time to visit this place and I must say that I was surprised. Imagine the things that you can do here simultaneously: shopping. eating, drinking coffee or even waiting for your customized formal wear or barong.


Here’s what we love about Dark Specialty Coffee: each cup of single origin coffee is locally sourced from the coffee farmers of Benguet. Nice diba?


This is their signature coffee drink: cafe mocha with the right blend of coffee, milk and chocolate. The coffee base is bold and not acidic at all. I like it when it’s served hot, paired with any cakes.


Coffee and shopping done at the same time. Now we are talking about multi-tasking!



We also tried their iced coffee mocha. My golly, it was so good! It’s dark, bold and not sweet at all. It’s the perfect blend of cacao (sourced from Davao) and Benguet coffee beans. This is the type of drink that I would love to have every single day. Seriously!



Another cold drink which we also enjoyed sharing, this iced cafe matcha! It’s the perfect balance of coffee and green tea. Who would have thought it would be a great combination? Try it if you are the adventurous type.



For non-coffee drinkers, we suggest you to try their cold brew fruit teas. This cup of lemongrass hibiscus tea has the perfect balance of spiciness coming from the lemongrass and sour aftertaste from the hibiscus leaves.



This vanilla iced blended drink is also good for non-coffee drinkers. We love it because it’s creamy and not too sweet at all.



Their cold drinks are super perfect for the summer heat.



Since there are food choices on their menu, we tried the  Pasta Maria Ana – fusuli topped with smoked milkfish flakes, tomatoes, capers, black olives and sea salt. This one has been my favorite among their other food products because it’s easy to eat and I really love smoked fish! It’s served with a pita bread so this meal is indeed an instant hit to hungry people.


Another one that I have loved most is their Pasta Eduardo – creamy pasta topped with crispy sun-dried fish flakes. It’s also served with pita bread so you would feel full after eating this pasta dish.


If you don’t like pasta, you may want to try their homemade pita bread offerings that’s infused with malungay leaves for an extra nutritional value. They have the beef and chicken variants but what I liked most was the mushroom melt (sauteed with fresh garlic and olive oil). All orders come with nachos and a cheese dip on the side.



Of course they also have desserts and cakes. This carrot cake is ultra flavorful and tasty but it’s a bit dry so it’s not my fave.



Now this one is what I love most, red velvet cake that’s ultra moist with the right flavors coming from the cream cheese frosting.


You can also buy tea leaves from their counter.



Dark Specialty Coffee is a fresh and new concept that we certainly recommend for you to try. Their cafe mocha is their bestseller and we cannot disagree to that. It was so good! We also recommend you to try it ice cold since it’s summer time. For non-coffee drinks, you may also try their cold brew teas and vanilla ice blended drink. Don’t miss out their pasta specialties and cakes if you are hungry!


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