Drip Cafe: A Unique Coffee Experience

Drip Cafe: A Unique Coffee Experience


Drip Cafe is a two-storey coffee shop in Banawe, QC that serves traditional coffee, pasta, breakfast, cakes and some specialty drinks like Matcha Float (for green tea lovers), Latte Float and Choco Matcha. Let me share with you our experience with Drip Cafe…

Drip Cafe
Address: 46-A Banawe Corner Maria Clara Street, Banawe, Quezon City
Contact No: +63 2 5732253
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DripCafePhilippines/
Email: info@drip.cafe

The place seems like a vintage two-storey house transformed into a coffee shop. It looks very interesting from the outside of the building because like most old houses, the structure has “character”. They have enough parking spaces for about 4-6 cars.

Upon entering, we were welcomed by their respectful security guard and the staff who apparently had a ready smile.

The position of the lights  were excellently chosen to highlight the architectural details of the place and define its ambiance.

Here’s what we have noticed first from their cakes and pastries section – the Chocolate Lava which we immediately included in our order list.

Hot Chocolate – PHP 115.00

Their hot chocolate tastes good although it is not too thick and sweet which is fine.

We appreciate that they offer free WiFi access to their customers. Passwords are provided through this tiny piece of paper. I will assume that it’s being replaced daily.

Matcha Float – PHP 140.00

This is one of the best green tea / matcha flavoured drinks I have ever tasted. It took time for them to prepare this one compared to the other drinks that they serve but the overall taste and appearance will compensate the prep time. Up to this writing, I can still remember the perfect balance of bitterness and a little bit of sweetness to the drink (which most matcha fans will understand) and I am still craving for more. The vanilla flavored ice cream on top was so good together with a touch of a little saltiness. I will rate this 11 out of 10 stars.

Vegetable Lasagna – PHP 220.00

According to their menu, they also serve Beef Lasagna, Bolognese and Pesto Pasta but when we came there, they can only serve Vegetable Lasagna. We ordered this one and it did not fail to impress us. We love meat but we were thankful to discover that it is still nice to eat pasta with only veggies, sauce and cheese on it. The garlic bread on the side is a perfect match. It could have been better if they served 2 slices though. This is a must try!

Homemade Longanisa – PHP 200.00 (comes with free Hot or Iced Americano Specialty Coffee)

We will agree that indeed, this is a homemade longanisa. We weren’t able to notice any pork fat in it – almost 99% pork meat with a little garlic. It’s not sweet like the other longanisa variants found in local markets. If you like the longanisa versions from the north (Ilocos, Vigan, Baguio), minus the strong garlic flavor, try this one. Served with fresh tomato and cucumber slices with sunny side up egg.

Iced Americano – PHP 110 (Regular), PHP 120 (Large) 

Strong flavor. I’m sure my friends who are coffee lovers will love this one but for us who are not coffee fans at all, we requested for milk and sweetener (syrup) to be served separately and so it went perfectly fine. If they can expand their menu, I would love to know if they will start serving ice-blended coffee variants.

Additionally, they don’t serve decaffeinated coffee. I hope they will consider this idea next time.

Choco Lava Cake – PHP 160

Their Choco Lava Cake was the “star” of our visit. As a chocolate lover, the syrup and moist cake will relieve you from any stress and anxiety that you have in your mind. Be careful though because it is very sweet and “deadly”. Honestly, I am willing to die for this guilty pleasure. For a healthier experience, let your friends take a piece so you can share the sugar overload.

Lemon Bar – PHP 60.00

It’s the traditional lemon bar that you will be able to avail anywhere in Metro Manila. Not too sweet and not too tangy at all. Goes perfectly well with any hot drink.

More seats can be found on the second floor. I really like the design of their chairs. It matches their earthy and cozy ambiance.

They have shared spaces for big groups.

They have a lot of book shelves that are filled with a lot of stuff related to coffee, the earth and several pocketbooks.

This area from the ground floor is very interesting. The lights are different compared to the other areas and they offer shared spaces with the view of Banawe St.

They have these super big chairs on the ground floor near the counter area. They look superb and I thought that it will feel extremely comfortable sitting on it but when I tried it, my expectations were not met. The comfort level is actually just normal.

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Overall, it was a pleasure to visit an independent coffee shop just like Drip Cafe. I would prefer staying here for a longer period of time compared to the traditional coffee shops with long queues and noisy environment. I encourage you to visit them if:

  1. You want a totally different place to drink coffee with your friends/family
  2. You want an environment that allows people to converse using their natural tone of voice. No kids running here and there, no loud noises since the place is not filled with too many people.
  3. You value your visits to the comfort room. Theirs are so tiny but so clean and lovely. The mirrors gave an illusion that it is larger than what it really seems. I will rate them 9 out of 10. Click here for a photo.

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