Early Bird Breakfast Club: New Menu

Early Bird Breakfast Club: New Menu


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why there’s Early Bird Breakfast Club. Here, they serve high quality and deliciously tasting breakfast meals from morning ’til night. We were invited to check out the new items from their menu and I can’t wait to share with you our new discovery!

Early Bird Breakfast Club

Address: Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City, Philippines (other branch in BGC Taguig)
Operating Hours:  Open daily  from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Facebook Accounthttps://www.facebook.com/earlybirdPH
Contact Number: +63 2 469069


From the entrance of their Eastwood mall branch, I already had an idea that this is going to be a good day!


The interiors are hip and modern. This big mural beside our table caught my attention (it actually helped brighten my day). From that moment, I already knew that we are ready for an extraordinary breakfast experience.


This is my favourite spot from Early Bird Breakfast Eastwood. The sunshine helped set the mood and this is why I really love al fresco dining.

Bacon Carbonara  – PHP 195.00

The pasta was cooked nicely. The creamy sauce was good and we loved the generous amount of bacon chips. I forgot to take a pic of the Mushroom Fettuccine but it tasted better than this one.


Penne Napolitana – PHP 260.00

The penne pasta was cooked al dente. We can’t say no to this classic dish, primarily because of the home made tomato sauce (it was delicious)!


Sweet and Spicy Tuyo Fetuccine  – PHP 260.00

From the moment that I saw it on their menu, I knew it was superb! The combination of the flavours was amazing! We love sweet and spicy + the salty taste of “tuyo” pieces were lovely. However, make sure to consume it while it’s hot.  For those who don’t know, there is a tendency for oil-based pasta to get hard if you try to re-heat leftovers and is not ok at all.

French Onion Soup – PHP 175.00

A hearty home made broth simmered with caramelized onions. The soup base was lovely but the center of attention was the floating fried croutons with a delicious cheesy surprise on the inside. A must try!


Mushroom Soup– PHP 175.00

A creamy soup made with fresh button mushrooms with garlic, chicken stock and cream. This was a simple soup but irresistible. We just love Early Bird Breakfast soups!


Bacon Chicharon – PHP 195.00

Slices of bacon deep fried to perfection. You have a choice to dip it in vinegar or garlic sour and cream. Very sinful and tasty!

Egg and Cheese Burger – PHP 365.00

I am always a fan of breakfast burgers (hamburger with egg on top). That’s why I love this Egg and Cheese Burger from Early Bird. The beef patty was juicy and the veggies were fresh (tomatoes and arugula). There’s also onion jam to enhance the total flavour. The last surprise was a fried mozzarella cheese in between the egg and the vegetables that was so irresistible! It’s not your usual cheese burger because they did not use cheddar cheese slice.

This comes with crispy fries and the Early Bird Breakfast homemade ketchup made with red bell peppers! Two thumbs up for this burger!


Crispy Fried Chicken – PHP 295.00

Early Bird’s deep fried chicken was indeed crispy. The coating was buttery and the signature gravy was good too! You can have it with rice or cheese waffles.


Three-Cheese Baked Prawn – PHP 395.00

These tiger prawns stuffed with 3-cheese thermidore dressed with garlic butter. This was one of my favourites! It was very creamy and it complements the sweet taste of the baked prawns. Me and my seatmates were fighting on the last prawn piece and it was fun!

Smoked Bacon Slab – PHP 345.00

I thin the Bacon Slab was the highlight of our day. It was intense!  We were all in loved with this thick slice of bacon meat: so tender and irresistible. The flavour was phenomenal, because it was roasted with garlic and thyme. Paired with poached egg and steamed rice, it became an instant hit!


Butterbeer – PHP 155.00

100% non alcoholic, this popular wizard beverage (Harry Potter fans certainly know this) tastes like sweet butterscotch. It was so delicious especially if you will mix the whip cream on top with the drink. Certainly, it’s a perfect match for the cheese burger.

Choco Peanut Butter Milkshake – PHP 265.00

Chocolate? Peanut butter? Why not choose both? We can’t stop craving about this Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake that we had from Early Bird. It was surprisingly delicious and appetizing and it’s perfect drink against the summer heat! Loved the toppings too!


Oatmeal Turon Milkshake – PHP 245.00

I love bananas. This milkshake was sweet but I loved munching on the beautiful toppings.


Halo Halo – PHP 125.00

Because summer isn’t complete without Halo Halo, this popular version of the classic Filipino dessert is back on their menu! This sweet and creamy mix of sweetened coconut shreds, vanilla ice cream, crispy banana chips, topped with a generous layer of leche flan was superb! It was not too sweet that’s why we easily fell in love on it. The only thing that I did not like much was the very “malapsa” serving of the leche flan.

The restroom was classic. The walls were decorated with floral wallpapers. It was clean, smells fresh and we love the hanging lights which made it look sophisticated.


Showing how clean and tidy the restroom really looks, the faucet was even shiny!

Map Location:

Indeed, it was a spectacular day for me. I was so thankful to able to taste the special items prepared by Early Bird Breakfast Club finally (because it was a long time ago when I heard that they really are a nice restaurant)! I truly recommend you to visit one of their stores (in Eastwood or in BGC). Make sure to order the Bacon Slab, Mushroom Fettuccine (that was oh so creamy), Egg and Cheese Burger, Butterbeer and their unique Halo Halo dessert. Not to mention the soups were evenly delicious and mouthwatering! Best to come with friends / big group.

The milkshakes were expensive so be careful on deciding what to get for drink. I suggest getting a cup of coffee / hot chocolate instead.

The place was old but well kept and clean. The service was awesome and we will keep on coming back whenever we think of breakfast at any time of the day.

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