Eating Healthy Foods is Fun at VIBE SUPERFOOD

Eating Healthy Foods is Fun at VIBE SUPERFOOD


Vibe SuperFood is a new café in Burgos Circle, BGC that serves healthy and natural smoothies, juices, rice meals, pasta, salads and sandwiches. It’s located beside LIFE Yoga Studio to fill the hungry tummies of the people after a successful workout session initially. However, they thought of sharing the healthy lifestyle of their yoga clientele by opening their door to the growing population of health-conscious people who want to eat good and guilt-free food. This direction is in consonance to the advocacy of Vibe SuperFood, and that is to for everyone to have a totally healthy and active lifestyle. The place is so vibrant and colorful, you’ll be able to see healthy foods on a totally different perspective.

Vibe SuperFood
Address: 2/F Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig City, Philippines
Contact No: +63 2 8867500
Facebook Page
Cafe Hours: Weekdays from 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM, and weekends from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

The exact location is at the 2nd floor of Eight Forbes Town Road building. Go to the entrance near Gonuts Donuts and ride the escalator to the second floor.

There is a direct entrance to the cafe from the yoga studio.

I love the stuff that they put on their wall. They displayed a lot of cooking essentials and spices and there are vinyl records to show off their love for music. I noticed this graphic art of Andy Warhol’s face and I liked it as well.

They have this shelf full of books to encourage everyone to read. Who doesn’t love to read after a fulfilling workout? I also like their choice of music – very relaxing and the volume complements the lighting and comfortable mood of the place.

I was privileged to be invited to the launch of Vibe Superfood’s new menu. Their dishes and drinks are called “Superfoods”  and are specially thought of to supercharge our day. These are foods that are nutrient-dense” so we can get more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants – all the good stuff – in a single bite. Lovely!

I had an opportunity to have a picture with Dennis Sebastian of LIFE Yoga.

They served refreshing drinks that are super yummy and irresistible. This one’s called “Pink Me Up” (a concoction of acai berry, soy milk, coconut milk, pandan and beet). I have to be honest — I just consumed 2 cups of it and I still want more!

They also served fresh sandwiches. This one is called “Salmon Like You” (made of salmon, red onions and romaine)

If you look closely, you will notice how thick the salmon spread is. I love that they served it fresh with crisp vegetables and the bread, toasted perfectly. The red onion’s spiciness ended each bite with satisfaction. The next time I come back, I will surely order this one.

They also gave us samplers of their whole wheat pasta creations. The green one is called “Pesto-mania” (malungay, basil pesto, Parmesan, chicken). The other one is “Bologneezy” (with three kinds of mushrooms and stewed tomato).

Their Pesto-mania was amazing. The pasta was al dente and the sauce tasted like comfort food without guilt.

This one is the perfect snack. It’s called “Berry Good Parfait” – made of chia seeds, coconut yogurt, honey, matcha, cacao nibs, banana, berries and mangoes.

It’s my first time to taste coconut yogurt and it was good! I liked it because it is not tangy just like the other traditional yogurt products. It gives off a good aftertaste when eaten together with fresh fruit toppings. I would like to treat this as an afternoon healthy snack habit.

I noticed the original products that they have in their fridge.  Since cold pressed juices are “in” nowadays, they already sell these variants for consumers who need to refresh and rejuvenate. This “Black Magic” bottle however got my attention. It’s made of  lemon, honey, herbs and activated charcoal”  which gives off a bold black color.


Another thing that I have noticed are the “shots” that they sell. It’s a natural alternative to energy drinks that will help boost our active lifestyle in any time of the day. The bottle is very small but the shot gave off this “kick” to awaken my senses. The flavor is also amazing. I kinda liked the aftertaste of the ginger.

Many thanks to these beautiful “supergirls” who patiently prepared our “superfoods” for the day.

This is LIFE Yoga studio (located beside Vibe SuperFood). Aside from the interesting Yoga classes that they offer, they also have this amazing spot with a view of the Manila Golf Club. I want to try it out soon. You can check out their website here.

They painted the walls with colorful murals to let everyone know that Yoga is fun and exciting. This one reminded me of an H.R. Ocampo painting.

Their comfort room was so neat and spacious. The use of white colors gave off a relaxing element to visitors, making us want to stay longer to do our business. I also like their wall graffiti that says “Keep karma and carry ommm…”

Page 1 of their new menu


Page 2 of their new menu

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It is an honor to witness Vibe Superfood’s new and exciting menu. I am so thankful to learn that choosing and eating the best possible food (which should be very nutritious and delicious at the same time) is one of the best gifts that I can give myself. I’d like to congratulate Nea Ramos, Noelle Rodriguez, Dennis Sebastian and the whole Vibe Superfood and LIFE Yoga family for this successful launch!

I will recommend Vibe Superfood for:

  1. People who eat vegetarian and gluten free foods
  2. Anyone who wants to start eating healthy and delicious foods with tight budget because their menu is not too pricey compared to other health food cafes. Don’t forget to try Salmon Like You (salmon sandwich) and  Pesto-mania (Malungay Pesto)!

Also, if you are coming to try their new menu until November 15, 2016, show them the poster below and enjoy 10% discount on any food purchase:

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