Celebrating Life at Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe

Celebrating Life at Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe


Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe is a food haven by chef Waya Araos-Wijancgo in Roces Avenue, Quezon City that serves international food (mainly Mediterranean, European, Italian and a few Asian dishes).  Its good food and Mediterranean inspired interiors that create a relaxing and rustic ambiance have made it popular to the point that it has been featured  in ABS-CBN’s TV series “Till I Met You”.

Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe

Address:  #25 Don A. Roces Avenue Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City
Contact No: +63 2 662-0880
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/gourmetgypsy/

Parking space is available for up to 12 cars.

They filled the place with beautifully created wooden furniture and works of art. These furniture, carpets, home accessories and artworks around the restaurant are available for sale or order. Ask the server or management for details.

I love their ceramic plates. It’s a perfect match to their wooden tables.

Seafood Laksa – PHP 240.00

I am so thankful that they serve my favourite soup of all time. It has the right amount of coconut milk and curry, although it is quite salty for me. The spicy after-taste goes well with the basil leaves.

Artichoke & Sun dried Tomato Flatbread Pizza – PHP 340.00

This one’s my favourite from their menu so far. The pizza is so creamy and tasty because of the feta cheese (made of goat’s milk) and it tasted like heaven to me. It is very comforting and appetizing. The perfect fusion of the sourness of tomatoes and the mildly sweet taste of the artichoke makes me want to go back for more. It’s a must try.

They also use this traditional wood-fired oven for the pizza which gives it that distinct smokey flavor and crispy crust. I am so in love with it.

Pasta Al Nero – PHP 280.00

My friends love this one. A unique pasta dish made with squid ink and meat, topped with basil leaves. The texture of the pasta is really good because it was cooked al dente. The savory taste and the squid flavour was balanced with chunks of fresh mangoes, making this dish a crowd favourite.

Puttanesca Bianca – PHP 280.00

This is what I call “pasta done right.” I don’t usually like pasta with anchovies because of its strong salty flavour but this one’s an exception. The olives and capers were able to neutralize the briny taste of the dish and it was adorable.

Bread served in a basket (to pair the pasta dishes).

Passion Fruit Cooler – PHP 95.00

Homemade passion fruit juice with a very fruity aftertaste. I like it because it is not too sweet.

Lemongrass Cooler – PHP 95.00

Very refreshing with a spicy kick of lemongrass. I love this one!

One of their several dining tables which can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.

I love this abstract impressionist painting hanging on their wall. It looks very appealing together with its vibrant colors.

They have fresh flowers on each dining table. This one’s an arrangement of white and pink Peruvian lilies.

They also serve local and imported beers and wines. I think what’s missing here is the famous San Miguel Light.

They have this backyard garden for those who want an outdoor dining experience. Their staff also confirmed that you can bring your pets to eat with you outside as long as they are not too big and aggressive.

The mood at the garden and the table set-up changes at night when it is lighted. It can become romantic and intimate.

The view outside (Roces Avenue)

Aside from the comfortable and lovely ambiance of the restaurant, the one thing that captured my attention was their male comfort room. The nice lighting complemented with machuca floor tiles made it look neat and exquisite. They also have this vintage bicycle with a basket used as a tissue holder. I was quite impressed and it made me think that it is really nice to answer nature’s call there especially because the toilet has a bidet.

I asked my female friends about their comfort room. They didn’t have a bicycle inside.
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Overall, it was a pleasant experience to celebrate my friend’s birthday at Gourmet Gypsy. I highly recommend it to:

  1. Couples who want to celebrate a special moment. Their garden has a big opportunity to become a venue for intimate dinners.
  2. Families and friends who want a private place to eat out because they have this function room that can accommodate a maximum of around 14 people.  Additionally, I heard that you can even rent the whole space for a wedding reception. It can be arranged with their very accommodating staff.
  3. People who love to eat good food with fresh ingredients at an affordable price.

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