KADOYA HOTEL: Value for Money

KADOYA HOTEL: Value for Money


We know how expensive it is to travel to Japan, especially to Tokyo where nothing comes cheap. Therefore, I had to look for accommodations that would address my major concerns, which is a hotel that: is accessible to the trains and major tourist spots, will give me a comfortable sleep at night, has a clean toilet and warm bath and a rate that wouldn’t rip off my budget. So after much research, I settled for this bed & breakfast right in the heart of Shinjuku in Tokyo – Kadoya Hotel.

Address: NishiShinjuku 1-23-1, Shinjuku 160-0023, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Price Range: P5,029 – P9,670 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)
Hotel Class:3 star
Number of rooms: 94
Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/TokyoShinjuku-Kadoya-Hotel

Location is very good. It is along the main road where you find many restaurants and shops. It’s about 10 minutes walk to the JR train station where you can get connecting rides to major areas of Tokyo like Roppongi, Ginza and Shibuya. There is a Lawson convenience store beside it which is open 24/7. Most of all, the rate is very reasonable just add 10% service charge and 8% hotel tax. (Photo credit: Trip Advisor (Kadoya Hotel Management Photos)


We arrived at Kadoya Hotel at around lunch time but check-in time was at 3pm. They are a bit strict on the check-in time so if one insists on checking in earlier than 3pm, be ready to pay extra. Yes, you have to remember that you are in Japan where rules are followed so don’t wonder why the Japanese are very disciplined. We whiled away the time by looking for a restaurant to take a late lunch and enjoy “Karaage and Japanese rice” and a cool soda, some ice cream for dessert and then coffee. Before we knew it, it was already 3pm.


After checking-in at the Front Desk at the tiny ground floor lobby, we went straight to our respective rooms. I have already seen the pictures of the hotel from their website so I knew what to expect. The fully-carpeted room is tiny compared to the rooms of hotels here in Manila BUT, I had to remind myself that is Tokyo and the price of land per square meter here is undeniably exorbitant. The luxury of space comes with a price. With all these factors considered, the 23 or so square meters seemed just the right size.


The bed was tidy and the sheets tucked very well on all four sides when I got in. I was just so tired that I collapsed on the bed out of exhaustion then jumped out of it again to take pictures, hence, the crumpled sheets. Sorry folks. It is my fault.

There are no closets, instead, there are hooks with hangers to hang your clothes. The room is equipped with the following amenities: TV, telephone, slippers, towels, toothbrush, razor, shampoo, nightwear, hair dryer, kettle (unlimited coffee and tea sachets are at the lobby for you to get anytime), alarm clock, cable TV, high speed Internet. There are also electric plugs right on the study table which faces the window.



The next thing that I checked was the bathroom. The Japanese engineers and architects used this modular type bathroom made of high quality plastic thereby getting away with tiles and grouting problems and instead, have a seamless and smooth wall throughout the bathroom. It is easy to clean, maintain and replace. There are bottles of shampoo, shower gel, scrub pads, comb and dental kit. It is approximately 4-5 square meters – really tight.


I was happy to see again, the famous hi-tech toilet bowls of Japan. After answering nature’s call, it’s a “hands free” procedure from washing to drying. Just press the appropriate button. If you are female, there’s a special button for you to use to wash both the genitalia and the “poo-poo” area. The seat of the bowl can be heated too and this is extra comfort most especially in winter when the ceramic bowls can be freezing cold. Way back in 2002 when I first encountered these hi-tech toilet bowls in Osaka, the instructions were all in Japanese. I had to depend on the illustrations and it was quite an ordeal.


There is a “do-it-yourself” coin-operated Laundromat. But I did not have any use for it because I brought clothes enough for my one week stay at this squeaky clean city. It also has a café that uses beautiful Austrian bentwood chairs. You can have a hearty meal of pasta, hearty breakfast, all-time international favorites, heavy sandwiches and the like, with prices ranging from PhP450 – PhP600. Not bad at all. It’s value for money. Photo credit: Trip Advisor (Kadoya Hotel Management Photos)


Kadoya Hotel is clean and practical. It is strategically located in Tokyo’s prime Shinjuku area and is a stone’s throw away from the train station. Picture above is the view from my window. Will I recommend this to you? If you want a no-frills hotel that provides you with a soft bed, fluffy pillows and crisp sheets for an uninterrupted sleep at night; a clean toilet with hot shower and easy access to Tokyo’s major destinations, then Kadoya Hotel is the hotel for you.

This review is the opinion of the author based on actual experience. The establishment may have changed in terms of prices, decor, service, cleanliness, food preparation, food presentation, room amenities, facilities or ownership AFTER the posting of this review. This is not meant to influence the reader’s decision. Thank you.