King Chef: Delightful Dim Sum

King Chef: Delightful Dim Sum


There are hundreds of Chinese restaurants around the Metro that offer almost the same dishes. What sets a restaurant apart from the rest is how well the dishes are cooked, aside from the ambiance and of course, the service offered. Allow us to take you to King Chef Dim Sum Kitchen and see what we have to say about this restaurant.

King Chef Dim Sum Kitchen
Address: 238 Center, Banawe Corner Panalturan Street, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Nos: +63 2 3611332 , +63 2 3610571
Facebook Page:

Promo hours*:
1.  8 AM to 10 AM
2.  2 PM to 5PM
3.  9 PM to 12 AM
*Around 30% off for almost all dim sums and other foods.

Located in an intimate commercial center in 238 Banawe St. near the C3 intersection (they also have a branch at The Block in SM North), King Chef almost always, packs the crowd in.

Parking is ample and guarded. Reservations are possible BUT you have to be on the dot (the queue threatens your booking).

The ambiance is typical among Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila – well lit with warm colored-lights, square tables that are versatile enough for a “table for two dinner” or placed alongside each other for a table for 12 or even more.

Although it is always “full” the service is still acceptable. The menu has been divided into the following: Breakfast Sets, Lunch Sets, Steamed Dim Sum, Fried Dim Sum, Noodles and Soups, Rice Toppings, Rice Rolls, Desserts and Beverages. As always, ask for their specialty or your favorite Chinese dish.

Because I have been in the hospitality  industry for so many years, I have been accustomed to designs that “hide” not so pretty things. Ergo, while the “show kitchen” seems fine, the equipment outside it (like those two rectangular shaped machines), could have been placed elsewhere. Otherwise, it is considerably clean, considering the high traffic the restaurant experiences everyday.

Beef Wanton Noodles – PHP 190.00

We love the common Beef Wanton Noodles so when it was served to us, we got our Chinese soup spoon and tried it immediately. Well, it did not disappoint our taste buds. The soup was really tasty – not a bit salty the way other restaurants cook it.

The noodles are your regular noodles BUT the beef (!) … it was tender as tender can be. It was simply delicious. No fuzz, just good Beef Wanton Noodle Soup.

Hakaw – Regular Price: PHP 110.00, Promo Price: PHP 68.00

My friends love shrimps so naturally, Hakaw was ordered. Their version of this popular dim sum is much better than other’s: the shrimp was fresh and tender while the filling was mouthwatering.

Shark’s Fin DumplingRegular Price: PHP 85.00, Promo Price: PHP 55.00

Their Shark’s Fin is just like those that we usually order elsewhere. It is good and tasty.

Shark’s Fin Inside

Pork Siomai – Regular Price: PHP 80.00, Promo Price: PHP 55.00

We did not taste a lot of pork fat in the filling, however, if it had some pork fat, it was just enough to make it “succulently” juicy and good enough for those watching their diet. Yum!

Shanghai Style Xiao Long BaoRegular Price: PHP 95.00, Promo Price: PHP 62.00

This one stood out among the dim sums we ordered. Upon sinking our teeth onto it, the juices inside filled our mouths with an explosion of flavors. This is a must try.

Cold Milk Tea – Regular Price: PHP 80.00, Promo Price: PHP 55.00

Not so sweet and not so special.

Pandan with Almond Jelly – Regular Price: PHP 75.00, Promo Price: PHP 55.00

Very refreshing. It could be treated as a dessert already.

When we dined there, it was a few days before “Mooncake Festival” so we tried this delicacy.

Box of Mooncake: comes with 1 pack of Black Beans Mooncake and 1 pack of Lotus Egg Mooncake. Price: PHP 140.00

Well…their “Mooncake” could be more moist and tasty both for the bread and the filling. It kinda’ fell apart when we sank our teeth on it.

We enjoyed our dinner because the food was good, service was not bad and the ambiance was,….well, not bad. We wanted to eat more but our tummies could only hold so much. So, we decided to bring home our left-overs and it was placed here.

Overall the experience was good. We will recommend this to those people who love to eat Chinese food who are also watching their budget. It is best to dine during the promo hours.

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