Why We Love Coast and Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe in Boracay


After closing for six months to rejuvenate, reconstruct and rectify mistakes, Boracay reopened like it just closed yesterday – – tourists by the thousands who eagerly awaited its reopening are back in the island. Of course, most resorts have prepared for this opening and are ready to welcome back their regular guests and accommodate first-timers. One such resort is the beautiful and hip Coast Boracay Island Resort along the beachfront of Station 2 in Boracay. It is a gorgeous resort with staff ready to welcome and pamper guests.



Upon entering its lobby from the beach, one is greeted by a spacious and airy lobby. It is tastefully decorated with polite hotel staff wishing you a great stay.

Coast Boracay

Address: Station 2 Beachfront, Brgy. Balabag, Malay, Boracay Island, Aklan Philippines
Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/coastboracay/
Contact Number: +63 36 288.2634



An impressive patio decorated with plumeria (Kalachuchi) trees and modern outdoor chairs, sun loungers and swimming pools await guests to enjoy them. At night, this area gets filled with people enjoying their favorite drink under a star-filled sky.



If the beach gets crowded with people, then Coast’s swimming pools ( they have two) would be the next best alternative to cool off. Somehow, the ambiance is reminiscent of those pretty resorts in Miami, Florida.



This is the first pool that you will see when you enter the resort from the beach side.

As shown in this picture, Coast is perfect for families out on a vacation or groups of friends on an adventure trail. This is the second pool which is separated from the first pool by pool loungers (right side of photo).



The resort’s beauteous Resident Manager Yvette graciously gave us a tour of the resort’s facilities, starting off with their guest rooms. The picture above shows the living area of their one bedroom suite. It is modern, functional, not cluttered and spacious. One look at it and you will know that management wants their guests to have a good time lazying around and really resting in comfortable sofas and bed.



We found this when we entered the one bedroom suite and it made us smile – – “Choc Nut” bars as giveaways for guests. What a really pleasant surprise this is. You see, in the Philippines, Choc Nut was a beloved favorite of many in their younger years and yes, it still is a favorite now that they (we!) have grown up. Love it!



The living area of the suite has this secretary where some goodies are placed for guests to partake: coffee and tea service, snacks & chips and a coffee maker. The best part of this room, however, is the LED television equipped with……Netflix!

The coffee and tea service has surprises for its guests…



Enjoy freshly brewed coffee from their very own “Boracay Blend Coffee“….it’s taste is just as potent as its aroma! Delicious!



Check out these unique tea bags from the coffee and tea service: a pandan and lemongrass flavored tea bags.

This is a great “souvenir” to bring home to and it is only P160++ Should you want more of this, you can just ask any staff to get you one.



The bedroom boasts of this king size bed that is so comfy. The sheets are soft and the pillows are fluffy. This is what you will need after a whole day of beachcombing and swimming. You can rest assured that you will wake up rejuvenated and refreshed.



Notice too the framed fabric, the bed runner and throw pillow which shows different kinds of Mindanao weaves expertly made by hand by tribal weavers. These fabrics may be seen in all the bedrooms and parts of the resort.



Look at these goodies that we found on top of the bed: a hand sanitizer, a wooden straw, and an eco-bag all for free! Boracay is very firm on their “NO PLASTIC STRAW POLICY” so you can carry this wooden straw around the island for you to use.

Their closet is equipped with a fully charged flashlight (to be used in emergency situations at night – in case there is), a safe (for you to secure your valuables), a minibar (should you get thirsty at any given time), laundry bags and slippers. They’ve thought of everything for you, haven’t they?  Now let us visit their bathroom…



First thing you will say is, “gosh it’s so clean!” Actually, it smells great too! The ladder-like thing you see on the left side of the picture is where you could hang your wet clothes.



Coast is a “green” resort and this is good because it means that most, if not all, are organic and environment-friendly. There are “tent cards” informing you of certain things and guiding you about everything “green”…

The “bidet” has become an integral part of the toilet nowadays.



The toilet has this elegant shower area.

Resident Manager Yvette next brought us to another type of room – the LOFT.


This is absolutely great for a family because it has this living area complete with a sofa which can easily turn into a day bed, a glass jar with “Choc Nut” inside, an LED television with Netflix and….



…a fully functional kitchen complete with…

…a dining area, a kitchen top with glass-topped stove,  coffee and tea service, a coffee maker and a sink. The ref is inside the cabinet on the left side of the picture.



It’s so clean and ready to be used by its occupants



This suite has a very high ceiling. Natural light comes through the large glass windows evoking a very light ambiance.



The suite has a queen size bed with immaculate white sheets and soft pillows. Again, guests of this suite are given a bag with a hand sanitizer and wooden straw.



There is also a large LED television in the loft

The bathroom is squeaky clean and spacious. A plastic mat is available for guests to use to make sure that they won’t slip inside the shower area.

There are other types of rooms but we couldn’t see it because of the resort’s high occupancy so Resident Manager Yvette took us to one of their function rooms….


This is a very versatile function room. At the time we saw it, it was arranged to look like a board room where one could have a small meeting for 11 people. The highlight of this room is the 5-inch thick mahogany table which has graceful grains on it and the spectacular beach of Boracay through its floor to the ceiling glass window.



The curvaceous grains of the table are eye-catching – a conversational piece indeed.


This is the view from the function room.

Coast is very proud of their coffee shop named Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe. It faces the famous beach of Boracay and is reminiscent of those bonita cafes in Florida, USA that have strong Cuban influences.



This amazing cafe serves breakfast buffet and it is one of the best buffets in the island. Remember the saying “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper”? Well…you can eat like a king with Cha Cha’s impressive breakfast buffet. Sorry though, you might not experience the “dinner like a pauper” in Cha Cha’s because the food selection is absolutely “para el rey tambien” (for the kings too).



The ube champorado by Chef Kalel Chan is indeed a must try!



And of course, there’s unlimited bacon!



I love their personalized pancakes. Also, it’s good with the ube sauce.



Many thanks to the restaurant managers Sherlyn Mendez and Ryan Soberano. We admire their passion to serve the customers well with a great smile!



Get some popcorn for free at certain times of the day.



The resort has a sundry shop where you can buy souvenir items and beach accessories as well as bottled goodies and chips. They also sell locally made products like hot sauces, pickled mangoes, bottled fish, and more!

Thank you very much Yvette for the tour and for the warmest “Coast” welcome you accorded us.

Now, what will our comment be about Coast Boracay? Shall we recommend it to you for your future Boracay vacation? But of course, we will!! Not because we were entertained well by their staff, but because of the quality of items found inside the rooms, as well as the facilities, food and the very gracious hospitality of the staff who never fails to greet you with their warm smiles. Now, you should start planning for that trip to Boracay and make sure that you stay at Coast Boracay Island Resort. Check their website for their rates – here!


This review is the opinion of the author based on actual experience. The establishments may have changed in terms of ownership, prices, decor, service, food preparation and food presentation after the posting of this review. This is not meant to influence the reader’s decision