McDonald’s Secret Menu with The BCB and Double Big Mac: Out Now!

McDonald’s Secret Menu with The BCB and Double Big Mac: Out Now!


As we know, McDonald’s Philippine Secret Menu is not a secret anymore. These unique and exciting creations namely the Triple Cheeseburger, Double McChicken, and Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese are already known by burger fans and foodies since last year.



This year, McDonald’s Philippines added two new items to the secret list. The first one is The BCB which is composed of a chicken fillet sandwiched in between two beef burger patties and two slices of cheese. Sarap!



What makes it super special is the unique combination of the beef and chicken meat on each bite. It’s sooo tasty and I can’t stop craving for it! Also, the sweet tangy sauce and onions on top are making it ultra special. This is my new fave from the Secret Menu!



Now here’s another one for the hungry guy! The all-new Double Big Mac is served with four pure beef patties, pickles, cheese, onions and the original Big Mac sauce.



How about you? What are you trying out first? Are you going adventurous with The BCB or are you going to try the all-new level of the Double Big Mac (double the fun version)?


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