Glamping 101 at Nayomi Batangas

Glamping 101 at Nayomi Batangas


Most city dwellers go to beaches or mountain resorts to de-stress. Some climb high mountains, while others dive deep oceans. However, there has been one activity that me and my friends have been wanting to do, and this is to go camping. So when we heard about Nayomi Sanctuary Resort and this new “glamping” (glamorous camping) thing they recently introduced, we immediately booked with them.


Let me quote for this one:

Recently, a global trend has caught fire that offers outdoor enthusiasts an upgrade on rest and recreation. It’s called glamping, a new word for a new kind of travel, defined as glamorous camping.

When you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll, no fire to build. Whether in a tent, yurt, airstream, pod, igloo, hut, villa, cabin, cube, teepee or treehouse, glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury.

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Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

Address: JM Katigbak Street Barangay Alangilan Balete Batangas, Philippines 4219
Facebook Account
Contact Number:
+63 2 645 3092



The place was easy to find. We used Waze mobile application and we were able to reach the resort for approx. 2 hours (from Manila) on a weekday. Here’s the parking space, it was spacious and very accessible.

The reception area was just OK. Although what set our good mood was the lovely lady who welcomed us to Nayomi Sanctuary Resort. She was so energetic and I loved her smile. We actually came in too early (around 11:30 AM) and check in time was supposed to be 2:00 PM. However, since our tent was already available by 12:30 PM, they allowed us to check in early. What a relief!


This sign board helped us prepare on this “nature excursion” we were about to experience. Honestly, the absence of television and internet helped us reconnect, unwind and totally relax through simple activities like eating, sleeping, and lots of social activities!

Everybody loves to laze. We want to be lazy even for just a day. This powerful golf cart and the very accommodating driver helped us reach the places we want to visit within Nayomi Sanctuary Resort. It was very helpful especially when we had our heavy baggage with us.

Since there are no phone lines inside our tent, they provided this service phone to us so that we can easily reach them if we have inquiries, orders or concerns. It’s very easy to use: unlock it, go to contacts and make a phone call to the “reception.”



The swimming pool was clean. We enjoyed opening our eyes from below without hurting them from too much chlorine. The view was really breathtaking as well. The trees surrounding us made us feel cool and rejuvenated.

Unfortunately, I had a small wound from one of the lounge area that is made of stone. Thankfully, their staff who maintains the cleanliness of the pool noticed me. He immediately ran to provide me free Ferrous Oxide and Betadine to treat my wounds ASAP. Now that’s what I call excellent service!

Please take a shower before entering the pool!


There are swimming rules that every one should follow. Also, I noticed that there was no lifeguard on duty here at Nayomi so we swam at our own risk.


This is the infinity pool. It seems to be more private versus the other one but it is actually available for all.


 There’s an “obstructed” view of the Taal lake. I wonder if there is any way to make it look better?

Another view from the pool, is a garden of palm and banana trees. The stones are very reminiscent of the Intramuros walls.


There’s a big house beside the infinity pool that might fit more than 20 persons. If you will rent this non-glamping area, you might enjoy the semi-obstructed view of the Taal lake and get the easiest access to the infinity pool as well.


The relaxing lounge area was my favourite spot here. I almost fell asleep while enjoying the morning breeze.



This was our glamping tent. We rented the biggest one that could fit a maximum of 9 adults. There’s a picnic table if in case you want to eat snacks, or order finger foods and drinks directly from the restaurant.

Tip: You can bring your own snacks (chips, cookies, etc.) but make sure you will only consume it outside the glamping tent.  This is to help maintain the cleanliness of the tent because it’s actually hard to clean it given the limited spaces available inside. 

The view from our glamping tent is a mountain range that’s truly relaxing. It’s an instant opportunity to reconnect with nature. Fresh and cool air plus the sound of birds chirping was very calming.

Do you see the white board projector in the middle of this photo? They actually play movies at night to entertain the guests although it didn’t happen during our stay.


This was the padlock provided to us by the resort management. We were told to lock our tent every time we leave.


Inside the tent, there are 4 mattresses in total. One bed can fit 2 adults. Each mattress was incredibly comfortable and clean. I got to experience the most relaxing sleep of my life, actually. The pillows were fluffy and in good quality as well. I love their colors!

There were two big electric fans to help circulate the air inside the tent. Honestly even if it was summer time, the evening temperature was cooler than what we were expecting. Thanks to the trees that were surrounding us.


Since the place was fully surrounded by lots of trees and plants, expect the presence of several insects. I brought an insect repellent / lotion and fortunately, I only felt the need to use it come sleeping time. Yes, there were a lot of insects but it did not bother us at all. They were manageable and it did not cause any trouble or worrying to us. Additionally, they have this insect killer to help reduce the number of insects inside the tent.


There are several wooden tables inside the tent, to help you organize your things. There are electric plugs as well so no need to worry about re-charging your gadgets.


This wooden storage was my favourite item inside the tent! It helped us organize our bags and avoid unnecessary clutter.


Our glamorous camping didn’t end on our tents, beds and furniture because even the floor inside it was stylish!

In the afternoon, we were happy to find these water bottles and drinking glasses on our picnic table. We did not request for it that is why we really appreciated it. However it would be better to automatically provide ice cubes as well since it was summer time and who doesn’t love ice cold water on a sweltering summer day?

Also, there’s a water station near the tent and bonfire area. It’s open 24/7 so you could easily get your free drinking water at any time of the day.


Our tent looked even more romantic at night.


 We loved the overall setup and the lights.


Just beside our glamping tent, was the restroom which actually looks like a small guard house.


The restroom looks like the one found in condominiums in Manila.  It was clean and small. We enjoyed the bidet fixture and the shower’s good water pressure. Tissue paper and towels are available but you must bring your own toiletries.


Many of us haven’t experienced bonfire in the middle of a camp. That is why we were amazed when the receptionist welcomed us and talked about the planned bonfire schedule at 8:30 pm (as long as the weather permits). And since it wasn’t raining at all, the bonfire night took place. Yay!


They arranged picnic mats so we could sit on the grass while having some bottles of beer. You can eat the snacks that you brought as well – no corkage fee.


Since we just finished having our dinner at their Anahaw Restaurant, we chose not to buy hotdogs anymore (you can roast it on the bonfire). Instead, we bought this 1 bag of marshmallows for PHP 150.00 (barbecue sticks provided) and started to roast it as a campfire treat. For someone like me who was born and raised in the city, this was a “first time” so I enjoyed this unforgettable experience.


It was the best night ever! Long conversations with friends while eating marshmallows, drinking beer and watching the night sky full of stars..


This nipa-style restaurant is the only source of food inside Nayomi Sanctuary Resort.


The restaurant can cater to about 50 people (more or less).


Chicken Sisig PHP 250.00 (+ service charge)

We enjoyed these tender chunks of chicken meat served sizzling sisig style. We also loved the mayo and egg on top, which makes it more delicious and mouthwatering.


Bicol Express – PHP 280.00 (+ service charge)

Their Bicol express was mildly spicy. Enough to be shared with 4 – 5 people.

Pork Sisig – PHP 250.00 (+ service charge)

It’s hard to resist this all time #Filipino favourite “Pork Sisig.” It was sinfully delicious!


Pork Binagoongan – PHP 300.00 (+ service charge)

We were surprised with the presentation of this pork binagoongan dish. The super crispy pork belly meat on a bed of eggplant with bagoong was super delicious! Everybody loved it!


Fruit Shakes – PHP 200.00 each (+ service charge)

Our favourite was the buko shake.  The other flavours lacked fresh fruits and milk. They should improve their fruit shakes, honestly.



Crispy Tawilis with egg and rice

We were so happy to discover that they serve this unique variant of sardine in Anahaw Restaurant. My friends loved it so much because it was not too salty but super tasty.


Corned Beef with egg and rice

Their cornsilog was just fine.


Hotdog with egg and rice

Kids will surely love this hotsilog breakfast.

The free coffee that comes with their breakfast was bold and full of aroma. It must be the “barako coffee”.


Refreshing pineapple juice – you may choose this if you don’t like coffee. I wonder why they don’t give this to visitors as a welcome drink?



At the highest point of Nayomi Sanctuary Resort is a viewing deck that has a slightly obstructed view of Taal lake.


Most of their wedding events are held on this spot and the sunset view was nice as well.


We loved the overall scenery. The resort was new and well maintained.

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There are also fun activities like boating, biking, hiking, banana boat ride, jet ski, flying fish and speed boating. However, we chose to be lazy that day and just enjoyed the company of each other while eating, drinking and story telling.


Overall, we had fun staying at Nayomi Sanctuary Resort. It was indeed an unforgettable experience for me and my friends, especially because we are non-campers and we were able to discover this cool activity called glamping. Above everything else, it was the service which made us unanimously agree to come back. The people looked happy with their jobs. The food that they served was good. We were so happy about our glamping tent. It was so complete, clean, peaceful, hassle free and very much relaxing.

Some points of improvement:

  1. I wonder why they don’t give complimentary welcome drinks? Most resorts do offer. We were actually super thirsty from our long trip so we were kinda expecting for a glass.
  2. I wish they could improve their fruit shakes.  Although they looked photogenic, it doesn’t actually fit the price of PHP 200.00, because it lacks the quantity of fresh fruits and milk.

Try it within this year and let us know your experience through the comments section. You can also tag us in Facebook and Instagram when you upload your photos in social media or use #eatsasmallworld.

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