NEW: KFC Baconized Zinger

NEW: KFC Baconized Zinger


KFC has been one of the fast-food chains that I am always looking forward to when it comes to food innovation. Remember the  Garlic Butter Chicken? How about the KFC Double Down? They were all an absolute hit and now, who’s excited to try the all-new KFC Baconized Zinger? Yes, that is right! There’s bacon-inspired Zinger and I will tell you why you should try it.

First look: the new KFC Baconized Zinger is big. Indeed, size matters! Above all, the boneless chicken part looks uber crispy. I can also see the usual cheese and letuce toppings but there are other new components that I have noticed. First is the  “baconnaise” (a fusion of bacon and mayonnaise) and last is what they are all talking about which is the smokey bacon relish.

Love at first bite: fried chicken portion is super big and really crispy and well complemented by the combination of cheese and bacon. After a few seconds, I was able to taste the goodness of the baconnaise (bacon flavored mayo) and smokey bacon relish. This was a total hit and I can’t wait for my next bite!

KFC Baconized Zinger is available in following variants / meals:

  • Zinger ala carte – P150
  •  Zinger Combo (with fries and drink) – P199
  • Snacker ala carte (smaller version) – P100
  •  Snacker Combo (with fries and drink) – P154


What are you waiting for? I know you want it so you really have to try it! I highly suggest for you to order the KFC Baconized Zinger but if in case you are on a diet then maybe it’s a good time to try the snacker size as well. Share us your photos and use #eatsasmallworld !

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