NEW: KFC Garlic Butter Chicken !

NEW: KFC Garlic Butter Chicken !


KFC has been one of the fast food chains that I am always looking forward to when it comes to food innovation. Remember Chaco? How about the Crispy Cheese Chicken with Clover? They were all an absolute hit and now, it’s about time to try the all-new KFC Garlic Butter Chicken! Join me as I discover this sweet and buttery treat that we are all waiting for! 


So we tried the KFC Garlic Butter Chicken on its first day. It looks good. We asked for our fave part and we can’t wait to try it because it smells super appetizing! Ang bango bango and amoy garlic! Nakakagigil!

It’s ultra crispy, sweet and buttery! We are so happy because it looks good and it tastes even better. Best paired with garlic butter rice and mushroom soup!  Honestly, we really prefer the classic KFC chicken. But wait, nothing beats the classic until today. OMG! The overall experience makes us want to order again tomorrow.


To those who don’t want to eat rice, try the Garlic Butter Twister instead! It’s made with KFC shots (bite-sized chicken) with buttered corn, garlic butter sauce, and KFC fries in a wrap. Yes I really felt excited when I learned that they added KFC fries inside this wrap. I remember we once ordered a bucket full of fries and brought it to the cinema and felt soooo good and satisfied! And did I mention “we?” Coz as far as I remember, I ate the whole bucket of fries alone. #DontJudgeMe


Overall, Garlic Butter Twister is a good merienda or lunch choice to those who are looking for a light meal. The super crispy KFC shots with garlic butter sauce with bonus fries is definitely a great combination!

Try the KFC Garlic Butter Chicken or the Garlic Butter Twister today! Promise it won’t disappoint.

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