These Dishes From Pasig Would Make You Want To Eat Noodles Every Single Day #SendNoods

These Dishes From Pasig Would Make You Want To Eat Noodles Every Single Day #SendNoods


The Noodle Studio is an all-in-one noodle modern restaurant in Ayala Malls the 30th that serves Southeast Asian dishes (mainly noodles), appetizers and rice meals. Since it’s a noodle specialty resto, expect more noodle goodness from stir fried favorites like Yakisoba , Pad Thai and Pancit Canton, soups like the Malaysian Laksa and Taiwanese Beef Noodles  and unique pasta dishes like Kung Pao Spaghetti and the like. They’ve  got it all!

The place is bright and clean with very hip interior design. Millennials will love the ambiance. Tungsten bulbs and Tivoli lights brighten up the place. The Machuka-like tiles which is now the fad accentuates the floor.



Fried Sisig Rolls – PHP 238.00 +

For appetizers, we recommend this all time favorite Filipino dish sisig on a taco shell. Sarap!



Fried Salmon Pouches – PHP 288.00 +

This is also good! Salmon meat deep fried like fried siomai. The dressing is tasty and spicy as well.


Claire’s Pancit Canton – PHP 298.00 +

This Filipino – Chinese favorite is one of the safest picks at the Noodle Studio. For those who are not in the mood to try out something new, get this one because it’s truly good and in fact, one of the best Pancit Canton dishes ever! Wanna know their inspiration for this delightful meal? It’s none other than the Filipino instant pancit canton. Yes, you got it right! It is just as tasty as this well-loved, popular pancit canton, however, the noodles are NOT “instant”.


Beef Brisket Noodle Soup – PHP 408.00 +

Tender beef slices in a rich and super tasty broth, this bowl is almost good for two people but I can manage to eat it alone — definitely! And ohh by the way, the petchay that they used is really fresh.


Who would say no to this Taiwanese bowl? The greens are fresh as you can see!


Mie Goreng – PHP 288.00 +

It’s the best stir fry noodles from their menu! It’s sweet and savory and Filipinos would definitely love this Indonesian specialty. It’s one of the reasons why we will keep on coming back. Manamis – namis and sobrang sarap talaga!

Yakisoba – PHP 388.00 +

This Japanese specialty will never be a disappointment. I think what made it so good is the taste of the Japanese Tonkatsu sauce and the unique after taste of the bell pepper and Nori flakes. Very filling. Very delicious!



Laksa Lemak – PHP 388.00 +

We are serious about our mission in finding the best Laksa dishes in Manila. That’s the reason why we published our official list of “10 Best Laksa Dishes in Manila.” (read it here). We love it because it’s so flavorful and spicy — and who doesn’t love coconut milk? It makes simple dishes more flavorful! However when we tried this version from The Noodle Studio, we realized that we have to update our list — IMMEDIATELY!  It’s super close to the authentic Malaysian Laksa that’s made of curry and coconut milk but made with a twist: the addition of dilis fish on the top made it extra special. Each slurp feels good because of the added crispiness of the dried fish and we are totally hooked! It’s so good, one of us can even finish the bowl that is intended for two to three persons.


Pad Thai – PHP 378.00 +

This Pad Thai dish by the Noodle Studio is so beautiful. It takes a steady hand to make this net-like egg topping. It’s so pretty we just wanted to look at it but our taste buds were demanding that we devour it already. The taste is lightly “salty-sweety and savory” and the rice noodles were cooked perfectly. The fried fresh tofu cubes on the top and the prawn made it super special.


Curry Stir-fry Pasta– PHP 298.00 +

This one is the chef’s creative take on pasta dishes. It’s made with beef, capsicum, mushroom and curry sauce.


Bagoong Fried Rice– PHP 348.00 +

Look at the presentation of this bagoong rice plate! It’s so good that I don’t want to eat it anymore and frame it instead. Well as expected, the variety of the ingredients (when mixed together) is an explosion of flavors inside my mouth. It’s so special because of the crispy dilis — you can never find any other restaurant that serves bagoong rice with dilis on it (or let me know where). The quality of the rice and the mixture of shrimp paste is good and of course, it’s perfect for sharing for up to three people.


Soy Ginger Glazed Norwegian Pink SalmonPHP 398.00 ++

Fresh salmon that is covered with light sauce. It’s perfect because the true flavours of the fish is still present. It’s an honest to goodness salmon dish that everyone will love. Besides, who doesn’t love salmon? OMG!

Battered Hansel Cookies

Make sure you don’t miss out their desserts! Remember the Hansel mocha cookies that Filipinos love since then? They covered it with pancake batter, deep fried with oil and served with vanilla ice cream. It’s so good you will need three pieces for each person!



Modified TuronPHP 198.00 ++

It’s not your ordinary turon (Filipino snack made with lumpia style bananas and jackfruit). For this one, they finely chopped the fruits to mimic the fillings of the Pinoy lumpia, then topped it with vanilla ice cream for added goodness.





We tried their free WiFi and got a whooping download speed of 30 Mbps. Upload speed is almost 50 Mbps! Cheers!



Their restroom is clean, shiny and the toilet has a bidet fixture. As always, we at EAT’s Small World will take care of these details because we understand how important restrooms are.


The Noodle Studio is one of our new favorite restaurants. Personally, I like the place: the murals, lights and the overall setting. Their staff are always ready to assist their customers and I can see that from the genuine smiles on their faces. When it comes to the food, everything is truly a must try but our top recommendations would be the Mie Goreng (stir fry Indonesian Noodles) and the Laksa Lemak (Malaysian curry and coconut soup). Don’t miss out their desserts especially the battered Hansel cookies and the turon. We are looking forward to the addition of new noodle dishes like the Vietnamese Pho and maybe Ramen soon?

Drop by from Monday to Thursday from 11 AM to 3 PM to avail 20% discount on your total bill.

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