Open Kitchen Congressional: A New Food Park in Quezon City

Open Kitchen Congressional: A New Food Park in Quezon City


Good news! The Open Kitchen has opened another food park in Congressional Ext. in Quezon City last October 2017 to offer unique food concepts to people who are hungry for uniquely tasting and affordable food selections and quick tummy-filling dishes.  Since the opening of the original branch in Cubao, we have fallen in love with their “open kitchen” concept, comfortable dining area and even pet friendly environment. When we heard of their Congressional branch, we decided to take a look at the place, and to share with you our experience and our top picks so far…

Open Kitchen

Address: 65 Congressional Ave Ext, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open daily  from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Open Kitchen’s facade gives you an idea of what’s in store for you inside – a fun culinary adventure. It is bright, modern and has a very Western look – the type you see when you’re road tripping from Arizona to California via I-10 or cruising at the iconic Route 66.


It has an “open” are where cool breeze blows through your hair at night while listening to some live music or stand up comedy provided by Comedy Manila (on certain nights).

Isn’t the place festive-looking? Pretty neon lights envelop the open square which sets the right mood for “pigging-out” and awesome time with friends.


It was a few days to go till Halloween when we got  there – that explains the Jack-o’-lantern lamps. This area on the third level is surrounded by greens — also open for smokers.

Now we go to the main topic…the food!

If Germans have sausages, we Filipinos on the other hand have “Longanisa.” And yes, to those who will agree with me, it’s best cooked when grilled (instead of fried). I really love the smokey flavour plus the super garlicky taste of this authentic Vigan longanisa by Dalos Grill.  Also, the chopped onions and tomatoes go perfectly with the vinegar — definitely the best dip for this grilled longanisa. This is so good that we brought home one order as “pasalubong”.


Delicious kani wrapped in bacon what more can you ask for? This is one of my faves from Oji-San Yakitori Bar!


Do you want to experience what “melts-in-your-mouth beef cube means? Then you MUST try this wagyu cubes from Oji-San Yakitori Bar. This is a bit expensive in Japanese Resturants but here, you will be surprised at how reasonable the price is.  It’s perfect even without any sauce.

Craving for chicken wings?  Check out the  Wings Section! Their treats are indeed a perfect match for beer especially on Friday nights! You’ll ask for more after a bite!


So tasty and yummy! I really love their garlic parmesan flavour.  When I come back to Open Kitchen Congressional, I will make sure to try the other variants: buffalo, BBQ and lemon pepper.

I have already heard of Chicken Charlie (even before entering Open Kitchen) but never got the chance to try it.  Since it’s my first time to sink my teeth into their foods, I asked their server a few questions and found out that one of their bestsellers is the Chicken Burger. I tried it, and yes (!)  it was really good! The chicken was so tasty and crispy, and the veggies are fresh. the dressing complemented their yummy chicken. We are excited to try their rice meals very soon.


After watching Jon Favreau’s indie movie Chef (check out the trailer on this link), you’re going to want to eat a Cubano sandwich. At Guevara, they serve mouthwatering and authentic Cuban sandwiches that’s so meaty and cheesy at the same time. We tried this and we can’t get enough of it. We are definitely coming back to Open Kitchen Congressional for another crunchy bite!

I love this oriental pasta from Jompy’s House of Pasta. It was slightly comparable to Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan pasta except the noodles were kinda soft. No worries because it’s served super hot and fresh, and we really love it! We are excited to try their other pasta dishes such as their braised pork and mushroom and their Scampi Basilico (pesto).


We also tried this cheesy fries from NYNF (Not Your Ordinary Nachos and Fries). It’s perfect for the whole barkada and it’s so meaty! The melted cheese on the top was like heaven to me. Sarap!


The Juice Joint is the stall where you can buy juices, iced tea and their very cool and refreshing slush drinks. We tried the lychee and cucumber juices and they were very refreshing. So far, they are offering these large cups for buy one take one so it’s definitely your best choice when it comes to getting refreshments at Open Kitchen Congressional.

The Alehouse store at the second floor area is your source of super cold local beers and sodas.


For those who want to grab imported liquors, you will have to check the Holic Bar at the second floor.


The only dessert station that captured my attention at the Open Kitchen Congressional, Mr. Churros serves freshly made and crunchy churros creations ranging from traditional flavours like the classic and  cinnamon-sugar to more experimental ones like oreo, bacon and white chocolate coated with colorful candies. The classic chocolate dip was delicious and there’s also a white choco cup for those who would want a sweeter version.

There’s a “build your own churro bowl” and you can choose from chocolate, strawberry and matcha flavours! Photo above is their very own chocolate bowl and yes, that’s vanilla ice cream, brownies bites, chopped nuts, caramel and chocolate sauce on the top. Super sulit for up to 3 persons (if you are willing to share the excessive sugar). Next time we will try their milkshakes and the churro sandwich.



The restroom was clean and there’s a lot of paper towel supply.


We really love the Open Kitchen food parks! Although their Congressional branch is a bit smaller as compared to the first one in Cubao (check out our review on this link), we were impressed by the unique food choices, cleanliness of the place and comfortable dining areas. Parking space is a bit smaller but there is a designated lot just a few blocks away where you can park for free.  Don’t worry, their super friendly parking attendants will guide you through. The place is also pet friendly so I am planning to come with my dog over the weekend.


Budget per person will be a minimum of P150 and will actually depend on your appetite, cravings and hunger level. We recommend going with your family or barkada so you can get the most number of bestsellers. Don’t miss out Dalo’s Grill for lots of Filipino inihaw specialties, Guevara’s Cubano Sandwiches and Jompy’s delicious pasta dishes. For desserts, we really recommend Mr. Churros’ build your own churro bowl.

This review is the opinion of the author based on actual experience. The establishments may have changed in terms of ownership, prices, decor, service, food preparation and food presentation after the posting of this review. This is not meant to influence the reader’s decision.