It’s Got To Be “Pink Panda” for Delicious Food at Affordable Prices!!!

It’s Got To Be “Pink Panda” for Delicious Food at Affordable Prices!!!


Pink Panda is a famous Southeast Asian comfort food / street food restaurant by Executive Chef Peter Ayson and managing partner Erwan Heussaff. The restaurant is well known for their modern interiors, affordable prices and great tasting Asian fusion dishes from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Singapore and Malaysia.


Pink Panda Asian Diner

Address: Ground Floor, Alveo Corporate Center, 28th Sreet, The Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines
Operating Hours:  Open daily  from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM
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Contact Number: +63 9569124941

The interior is obviously eclectic with touches of various Asian lifetyles.  We love this mural painting that depicts a Vietnamese girl on a bicycle.


The buco shake was a bit bland but that’s because it complemented the strong ube ice cream flavor. It sort of balanced the sweetness to this drink. Definitely worth a try!


Another Filipino inspired drink, the mango sago is one of our faves!

They also serve this Filipino / Chinese restaurant special: sago and black gulaman drink. It’s so refreshing!


Grilled Chicken Sate– PHP 375.00 (6pcs)

Marinated chicken in sweet soy, garlic and sprinkled with spring onions and peanuts. This tastes as good as it looks. I love it and it’s good for sharing.


Adobo Nachos – PHP 220.00

A very unique approach to traditional Mexican nachos. This one’s super close to our hearts because it has crispy adobo flakes made super special with the mango and salted egg salsa.  This is a must try.

Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls – PHP 180.00

Their fried spring rolls are super affordable and super meaty. Pinoys will eat this with steamed rice and have a “happy tummy”  for a reasonable price.


Tokwa’t Baboy – PHP 180.00

The classic Filipino pulutan made with crispy tofu and pork, spiced vinegar, chilies.  Another affordable yet tasty treat from Pink Panda.


Chicken Sambal – PHP 120.00

Don’t be scared – – the roasted chicken wasn’t super spicy at all. It tasted good with the sambal sauce, fried okra and chilies.

Grilled Tuna Belly – PHP 420.00 (300 g)

The tuna belly was grilled perfectly then smothered with parsely, spring onions, garlic chips. Use the lime-chili dip and satisfy your taste buds even more!


Mom’s Sisig – PHP 280.00

Oh their sisig was super different from the ones we all got accustomed to. First of all, there’s no fresh egg on top. Instead, they used kang kong. Also, the pink colored pickled onion gave off a sweet after taste which is surprisingly good. So, it’s not all “oily and salty”.  I admire the brave and very innovative approach for this dish.


Gising Gising – PHP 220.00

They offer the classic Pinoy favorite “gising gising” and it has a very tolerable spiciness. The coconut milk was very evident and it added a pleasurable “linamnam” . I certainly liked it.

Sizzling Kare Kare – PHP 360.00

I was so happy to have a good tasting “kare kare” for a very affordable price. Usually, this dish would cost around 400 to 600 pesos in other Filipino restaurants. I love it because the meat was tenderly cooked. The thick and creamy peanut sauce was very tasty. The vegetables (banana heart, eggplant, pechay) are also fresh. I guess this kare kare became unique because it is served “sizzling” style. The aroma is sure to whet your appetite.


Turon with Queso Ice Cream – PHP 120.00

It’s not my first time to eat turon (fried banana rolls) ala mode. However, this one has queso ice cream instead of vanilla and all of a sudden, it became a real “knock out” of a dessert. I love it because of the slightly salty-cheesy after taste.


Chocolate Buchi – PHP 120.00 (3 pcs)

There’s also buchi with dark chocolate filling.  It’s a great twist for this Filipino / Chinese dessert.


Mais con Leche – PHP 160.00

It’s so good that I almost regret to tell my seatmates (especially Karla and Tina from ) how delicious it really was. I was planning to keep it from them and consume everything by myself (just kidding!). The mais con yelo was served  with  “leche” or custard filling — which is so similar to the filling inside a delicious cream puffs. Napakasarap and so affordable for only 160 pesos. I will always go back to Pink Panda because of their yummy desserts.

There’s a high chair ready for our babies. Love it!


…and finally, our tradition here in EASW is to check on the status of a restaurant’s toilet. It is really a total turn-off when you find a good-looking restaurant having a toilet that is unkempt. So, how’s the toilet of Pink Panda? Here is our findings…


Hurray! The restroom was shiny and clean with a bidet! Good job!


Throughout our culinary excursion in Pink Panda, it never failed to amaze our taste buds. The dishes were heavily spiced but the taste was super close to our hearts and we truly admired it. It’s best to go with a group so you can enjoy a lot of their bestsellers. Budget of around 300 to 500 pesos if you are in a group (drinks not included).

We recommend to start with the adobo nachos,  tokwa’t baboy and fried spring rolls. For mains, never miss out the kare kare and grilled tuna belly. Order the gising gising for vegetable sides.

Having desserts at this restaurant is a must. Never miss the mais con leche (you will regret it if you do) but if you don’t want something with too much milk, get the chocolate buchi and the turon with queso ice cream.

I heard that they also have delicious soups so we will definitely come back and order their Pork Laksa.

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