Rejuvenate at Thai Temple Spa

Rejuvenate at Thai Temple Spa


Life in the city has become so stressful that spas and massage clinics/parlors have mushroomed everywhere. There are various kinds for one to choose from, however, there are a handful of brands that really stand out. Let’s take a look at the newest discovery of Eat’s a Small World – Thai Temple Spa.

Thai Temple Spa

Address: 103 J. Abad Santos street, Little Baguio, San Juan City, Manila 1500
Operating Hours:  12:00 pm – 2:00 am (opens in 35 minutes)
Facebook Account
Contact Numbers: +63 956 178 5474

The team of EAT’S a Small World was in the Greenhills area near the corner of Wilson and J. Abad Santos Streets (where Alex III resto is) when we chanced upon Thai Temple Spa. We were tired and wanted an honest to goodness foot massage so after finding a parking slot (there is a slot on the building itself but if that is full, one can park in front of the spa or along the road), we went inside Thai Temple Spa.

Their friendly and pleasant receptionist greeted us with a warm smile. We asked her about the kinds of massage available. So, as she was enumerating to us their services, she also handed to us their menu which was etched/burnt on a wooden tablet. It was very nice.



Apparently, they just opened about two weeks ago and have this promo which clients may avail.

Some complimentary sweets are available for clients while waiting at the receiving area. Nice touch.


The reception area is very clean. The faux grass used on the wall gave a relaxing feel to clients. There are nice objects which captured our fancy that seemed to take our attention away from the body and foot aches we were feeling.


With its dramatic lighting and tasteful decor, the foot wash area already gave us a hint of the quality of service we were bound to experience.

The peppermint scrub used on our feet was very soothing and smelled very refreshing. There are massage clinics that have this kind of service too (foot scrub) but the peppermint scrub gave Thai Temple Spa an edge.


We felt like babies when they were giving us a foot scrub. The warm water and the peppermint scrub was very relaxing.


The sound of water is said to calm one’s weary body. Thai Temple Spa has this modern fountain where the subtle sound of dripping water can be heard throughout the area. This, combined with piped-in calming music, already got me to release unwanted anxieties.


One of us decided to avail of their whole body massage. The massage bed was firm and the sheets as well as pillows were soft.  What’s more important was that, it was clean and smelled fresh. When the masseuse entered, you immediately knew she was very professional. She asked the kind of massage (Swedish or Thai) and pressure desired (hard, soft or “sakto lang“) and after she got the instructions, she said “Start na po tayo.” (I shall begin now).

How was the massage? The pressure was consistent from beginning to end, unlike in other spas where the pressure tends to diminish after a few minutes. Furthermore, she knew which part of the back needed extra attention. She knew how to remove what Filipinos called “lamig” from the back. The lotion and oil used was luxurious. It not only smelled expensive, it was silky as well. The masseuse occasionally asked if everything was OK.  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, I would rate this massage a 9.5!


I on the other hand, preferred the foot massage. The foot massage area had four new Lazy Boys and was cool. I loved the Lazy Boy because it was so relaxing and you could recline it to an almost lying position. I originally wanted a masseur but during this visit, they were scheduled to report the following week yet (by this time, they probably have the masseurs already). I wanted a masseur because I wanted my feet to be “mashed” real good and more often than not, not all women can’t do this. So when I had to settle for a masseuse, I was a bit worried that it would be a mediocre massage.

So, when Ms. Masseuse entered and asked me what kind of pressure do I prefer, I was a bit emphatic when I said “Hard pressure. Hard talaga ha“. I was given hot pads for the back and shoulder. This was followed by a five minute hand massage prior to the foot massage. I was also given a back massage after. It was so good that I felt like I had a body massage as well. Ms. Masseuse also asked me occasionally if everything was OK. So, to sum it up,  my foot massage was so rejuvenating. I wasn’t disappointed. As a matter of fact, I’m already planning to have a two hour foot massage on my next visit.


The shower area has hot and cold water.

As usual, our review won’t be complete without us telling you about their restroom. Well, the owner has seen to it that everything is “hotel quality” which means, their toilet is modern-looking, very clean and smelling fresh all the time. This includes the bed sheets, the shorts and pyjama’s they lend out for free to customers, towels, etc.



The toilet is also well decorated and has a modern feel. The bidet is a “must” nowadays and Thai Temple Spa has one on its toilet.


After the massage, your masseuse or masseur will ask you if you want hot tea or water. This will be served at the receiving area as you wait for your footwear to be returned by your masseuse/masseur. It also came with a hot towel which to me, is the “icing on the cake” – it’s so  invigorating.

Map Location

We still can’t find Thai Temple in Google Maps because it is very new. You can use as reference the Ocean Sky Chan Monastery. It is just in front of it:

Now, will we recommend Thai Temple Spa to you? Absolutely! For those who haven’t tried going to spas and massage clinics, you are missing a lot. While my team mate in Eat’s a Small World loves whole body massage, I am content with a good, hard foot massage and we were both very satisfied. I only had a foot massage but it’s as if my whole body is rejuvenated. Thai Temple Spa’s staff are well-trained and very professional. They know where the pressure points are. At the time that we were there, a mommy who seemed to have just picked-up her son from nearby Xavier School entered and availed their services. Maybe you should give it a try too.


This review is the opinion of the author based on actual experience. The establishment may have changed in terms of ownership, prices, decor, service,  after the posting of this review. This is not meant to influence the reader’s decision. Thank you.