There’s a New King of Fried Chicken!

There’s a New King of Fried Chicken!


Fried chicken will always be a Filipino favorite. And admit it, it’s not easy to find the perfect one. Most of the time, the best ones are served at home and people would always choose the taste that they have been used to. In short, ‘yong kinalakihan na natin

But what if you are far away from home?  Or just felt super hungry and been missing the goodness of old-time fried chicken made by mum? Join me on my new discovery as I learned something that will level up your fried chicken experience…..


It’s a bit of surprise for me to know that Tapa King serves fried chicken. We have been used to their traditional recipe of Filipino tapa and it has been a part of our “to go” places whenever we crave for one.  However, the moment that  I have learned about their “bigger, juicier and crispier” fried chicken, I did not waste any further time to try this new product by myself. I invited my friends from EAT’s a Small World.



So I ordered the two-piece fried chicken meal with rice and here’s what you will get for the amount of 149 pesos:

  1. Big fried chicken pieces – It’s the first thing that I have noticed the moment that the server gave me my plate. Gone are the days that we need to ask the server for a big part since it is already standardized.
  2. Crispy fried chicken – We Filipinos love crispy chicken skin, right? It’s always my habit to take a small piece of the skin (I’m a certified tester for crispy chicken skin — LOL ! ) and verify its crispiness. Alas, it did not disappoint. It was indeed ULTRA CRISPY!
  3. Juicy fried chicken– It’s a bit of a surprise to eat juicy fried chicken nowadays. Especially in the metro wherein a lot of things are made fast. Tapa King’s fried chicken is amazingly juicy and tasty. The Tapa King fried chicken is tender and we are certain that it is fresh and not frozen for a very long time.
  4.  Bonus – an incredibly creamy and thick gravy that’s a lot better than the others. TRUST ME, it’s kinda addicting!



Since we are in Tapa King (and not in your regular fast food chain), we are able to explore their menu and I found that they are also serving vegetable dishes. Now that’s what I call a balanced meal: protein-packed fried chicken pieces + all the vitamins and minerals of fresh and crunchy vegetables from their own version of “pinakbet.”

One more thing that I have learned in Tapa King, you don’t always get your ordered food instantly. You have to give them time to prepare your meal and as a result, the freshness and hotness of the food are always guaranteed. Nice diba?



To finish off our lunch, we ordered their new chocolate flavored taho. It’s sweet and cold – perfect for dessert! Try it!



The moment that I have tried Tapa King fried chicken, I instantly became addicted to it. So a few days later, I ordered my new favorite chicken via delivery and worked at the office for another 6 hours. I ate it for dinner and surprisingly, it was still CRISPY and I wasn’t expecting it at all. What kind of magic was that? Indeed, it was JUICY, CRISPY and BIG and I am certainly amazed. I recommend it to my friends and I think you should try it too!


This review is the opinion of the author based on actual experience. The establishments may have changed in terms of ownership, prices, decor, service, food preparation and food presentation after the posting of this review. This is not meant to influence the reader’s decision.